Mesmer Shuffle

I moved my Pre-Searing Mesmer over to Post-Searing. This Mesmer spent a year in Pre-Searing Ascalon, and she received the Charr Shaman minipet for her birthday. Tonight, I emptied her inventory into my shared storage vault and deleted her. I recreated her in Pre-Searing again.

The reason for the recreation is a bit silly and a bit convoluted. I want this character to achieve the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title. Reaching level 20 in Pre-Searing is a long, tedious, and arduous task. I started her off the wrong way, and it would have taken her a lot longer to reach level 20 as she was. So I remade her.

The silliness comes in because the main reason I deleted her instead of simply making another Prophecies Mesmer is because I wanted this Mesmer, Livia, to be my Legendary Defender of Ascalon — not some other Mesmer with a different name. Anyway, now that I have a new project, in addition to my regular Guild Wars play, I will not try for the other horrific tedium that is the Guardian title.

This is probably the third or fourth time I have re-created Mesmer Livia, for various reasons.

I also had a two-month old Nightfall Mesmer who I deleted last night. I just wasn’t that attached to her. I also wasn’t entirely satisfied with her appearance. I’ve been unable to create a decent female Mesmer outside of Prophecies. It’s all right, though. I need to use this final free character slot for a side-project.