GW: EN Soundtrack Coming Soon

According to a post on Jeremy Soule’s MySpace page, the Guild Wars: Eye of the North soundtrack will be available soon on DirectSong. The folks at DirectSong are currently testing it for the final release. Soule states that his score on Guild Wars: Eye of the North is the best work he has ever done for Guild Wars.

He goes into a bit more detail about the music production of Eye of the North:

This is also the first Guild Wars music to feature a new high resolution instrument control. Even though it is sometimes subtle, musicians and soundtrack lovers should be able to hear more definition in the orchestral performances. How much more advanced is it? Well, it is featuring a system that is over 100 times more powerful than what I had at my disposal for Guild Wars Prophecies.

He has posted a clip of the Dwarf theme from Eye of the North, “Tome of the Rubicon”, to his MySpace page for all to enjoy.

Unlike the other soundtracks for Guild Wars, which you could get as a CD by purchasing the Collector’s Edition of the game, the GW: EN soundtrack will not be available physically. There will be no Collector’s Edition of GW: EN, and the soundtrack is only available by download from DirectSong. DirectSong is a portal for videogame music. You can download full soundtracks (DRMed of course) as well as get expansion “paks” which add more music to your gaming experience.

I have the Guild Wars Battle Pak 1, as well as the expansion paks for the Collector’s Editions of Prophecies (EU only), Factions (EU only) and Nightfall. The music in the expansion paks are every bit as superb as the existing in-game soundtracks, and in some cases some of the songs provided are even better (IMO) than what you would hear in the standard game. “Weight of the World” from Guild Wars Factions, for example, is one of my favourite themes from the game. You could not get this song in the Collector’s Edition CD soundtrack, but if you bought your Collector’s Edition game in Europe, you were given an access code to download a special music pak.

I’m looking forward to the soundtrack release. If the Eye of the North music from the new character selection screen is anything to go by, Mr. Soule is correct and we have some great listening experiences in store for us.

EDIT – 06 August 2007 – 23:14: Jeremy Soule just announced that the The Guild Wars: Eye of the North soundtrack is now up on DirectSong.