2007 Super Fans Announced

The official Guild Wars site has made the formal announcement of the selection of the Super Fan winners. They have posted a few of the winning entries. My favourite published entry is The Poet’s. All told, they’re much more creative than my fairly direct, simple, and heartfelt statement, which I haven’t posted here because it’s ArenaNet’s property now… And I’m actually slightly self-conscious about my 100 word entry, but it won, so I guess someone at ArenaNet appreciated what I wrote.

I had a bit of a dilemma figuring out who to take as my guest, since the person I would have preferred to have taken is unfortunately located back in Northern Virginia. Anyway, my problem has been sorted. I will be taking one of my work colleagues, Xaroth. It’s totally coincidental that he happens to be the DM in my new D&D campaign starting in three weeks time. Total coincidence, I assure you.

I had a couple of people asking me to take them to the party, but they were either 1) not a Guild Wars player at all, or 2) some random person on the internet that I don’t even know. People. It’s a VIP Early Access ticket. It gets you into the Guild Wars party one hour ahead of the masses. It’s not like the BAFTAs or the Oscars or anything.

Having said that, I am still super excited.