Item Acquired: Canon PowerShot SD800 IS

I am now the owner of a digital camera, the Canon PowerShot SD800 IS. For the few (and I do mean few) that have been following my Twitter updates (or if you have glanced at my sidebar within the past couple of days) you will have known about my new acquisition already.

I took my new toy out for a little spin yesterday:

Rodin Sculpture Garden

I’m not an advanced photographer, so I think Canon’s Elph line is just right for me. I will be using this to take pictures at the Penny Arcade Expo next month.

I tend to cover my gadgets in silicone and screen protectors, and this camera is no exception (I used my brother’s Canon PowerShot A610 to take this picture):


My Camera with Silicone Skin - Front

My Camera with Silicone Skin - Back

Some readers may recall my silicone-covered DS Lite:


Blue Capdase DS Lite Silicone Skin - Closed

This is my Sony Ericsson W810i mobile phone:

My Sony Ericsson W810i with Silicone Skin

More pictures to come on Flickr now that I no longer have to borrow cameras from relatives.