Shiny New Theme

I have a new WordPress theme for my blog.

For the people reading from RSS, the new theme looks like this:

Blog Theme - May 2007 - August 2007
The header graphic is customisable. The current header displays concept art from Guild Wars Nightfall.

The default header graphic is shown in this screenshot:

"Subvert" Blog Theme with Default Header
This is the previous theme, which was up from January 2006 to May 2007:

Blog Theme - January 2006 to May 2007
This is the last theme I used when this blog was hosted on Blogger (roughly from 4th Quarter 2005 to January 2006):

Blog Theme - 4th Quarter 2005 to January 2006
If you are curious about the themes, you will find further details if you go to the screenshot’s Flickr page.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any screenshots of the themes I used prior to that last one.

  3 comments for “Shiny New Theme

  1. bigwig
    13 May 2007 at 20:49


  2. 25 May 2007 at 07:16

    I should have said this before, but I’m really liking the new layout.

  3. 25 May 2007 at 07:48


    I’d been shopping around for a new layout for a while, but the ones I’d found were not quite right. I eventually found this one kind of randomly, and I’m happy with it.

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