On the Metroid Prime 3 Release and Future Console Purchases

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is scheduled for release on 20th August. I do not own a Wii and a new console is not in my budget this year. I’d like to buy a console to play more than one game, and quite honestly there aren’t any other games on the Wii that appeal to me at the moment. I don’t want to buy a Wii to play old games. I want to play Wii games.

The Xbox 360 has more games out right now (or coming soon) that I would like to play than the Wii.

The PlayStation 3 also has more games that I would like to play than the Wii.

Final Fantasy XIII looks like a game I’d like to play, which may come as a surprise, considering my lack of patience with Final Fantasy VII. The more I see of Final Fantasy XIII, the more intrigued I become. I wasn’t remotely interested in this game until I saw a picture of the main character, Lightning. She looks really, really cool. Like, so cool that ‘cool’ doesn’t even describe how cool I thinks she looks. I love her costume. I think I have a little crush on her, and I don’t even know her story. I want to find out more about Lightning!

Still, the bottom line is: no console purchases this year.

In other hardware news, my PC is out of commission for the moment. I won’t go into boring details, because it’s a bit complicated. I’m waiting for a part to come through so that I can start working on it. For now, I am computing from my notebook computer. This means no extended Guild Wars sessions because I quickly get fed up of the small (14-inch widescreen) screen, but this was the reason behind getting the small screen in the first place. Yes, I am odd.

In gaming news, I’m reviewing the indie game, Mr. Robot, for the PC. I managed to get a couple of hours in before my computer broke, and the first Play Rating is up at The Game Chair.

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  1. 25 May 2007 at 07:15

    Ack, I’m so sorry to hear about your PC. I hope it gets fixed soon!

    I’ve been pining after a 360, but it’s nowhere near my budget and I it’s painful that new games are now more expensive than before. Granted, I understand why, but it looks like most of my gaming for now will be on my DS and PS2.

    I’m still glad I bought my Wii at launch, but I am anxious for some more games to come out.

  2. 25 May 2007 at 07:57

    Hooray for Mr Robot :)

    I really like it even though it’s mostly block-pushing. And when you get farther into the game you get multiple block puzzles in one room, which doesn’t go well with my casual “oops, accidentally walked into that block and pushed it into the corner” style of navigating.

    That part is getting a little annoying but overall, it’s still fun so far.

  3. 25 May 2007 at 07:57

    Thanks, 100littledolls. The PC thing is a bit annoying, and I hope I can get it resolved soon.

    Yeah, I understand budgets all right. I considered getting GameFly, but I decided to just rent DVDs online through Netflix. I’m trying to cut the cinema out of my budget as much as possible, and since I don’t watch television, I figured that I could ‘splurge’ on one of the basic Netflix plans.

    A new console would just be too much for me right now, because I’d still have to buy games for it.

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