Samus Aran vs. Spartan #458

Okay. Stop telling me about this video. I know about it. I’m linking to it. Here. If you haven’t seen it already, and if you have any interest in Metroid and/or Halo, then you may want to see it.

I’ve thought about the video a bit since watching it, and I’m going to give my opinions without spoilers. There were things that initially irked me, which were slightly irritating, and after thinking about it, I figured out why they were irritating. Then my irritation increased.

The video is full of fan service, in every way, and over-the-top fan service at that. The action scenes were quite entertaining, which is the main thing going for the video.

I didn’t particularly care for the other content (the “story”). This video was made by a male, for a male audience, with male fantasies in mind.  It’s like when children would get their action figures together and make up absurd stories so that characters from completely different universes could find some excuse to interact with each other. Except in this case, there was no explanation for why they were in the same universe, interacting.

The reason why they started fighting cast Samus Aran in a poor light, and quite honestly I couldn’t imagine her going about it in that way.

The turning point of the video and what followed after were rather forced. Pure fan service, poor storytelling. I don’t oppose either of them being that way, but the setup was clumsy, unrealistic, and totally contrived. Something less overtly fan service-y would have been more enjoyable, or at the very least less worthy of eye-rolling/facepalming.

Some Halo fans are up in arms about one aspect of the twist ending. They need to read the video’s FAQ. Samus Aran is not fighting Master Chief.

The creator clearly did not intend it to be accurate to either game, though I can’t speak for the accuracy of the Spartan armour. Samus Aran’s Grapple Beam, for example, is on her left arm, not the same arm on which she has her cannon (her right arm). Samus Aran also can’t do quite a lot of the stuff she does in the video. I’m actually fine with this.

I did enjoy that the creator used a remixed Metroid theme by The Wingless.

I hated the bit at the very very end, after the credits. The animation was good, but the content was stupid, and again, it was created for men to look at. It was pretty cringe-worthy. I’m not opposed to Kpop, but seriously. Terrible.

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