Yes, You Can Comment on Kotaku

Unbeknownst to me, as a non-regular reader of Kotaku (though this probably has to change because reading game news is now a part of my job, and because Josh says they’ve been getting better lately), they fixed their commenting policy so that the unwashed masses are allowed to make a comment. I was unable to understand how Kotaku could have so many asinine commenters on the site if the only way you could obtain the privilege was to be invited. Maybe the jerks who post on the site only had other jerks as their friends? Full of bright-eyed optimism, I thought, “Surely not!” I did some looking around and discovered that Kotaku had opened commenting to everyone (though you still need approval). However, this ability is not publicised on an easily accessible page on the site. No, it’s buried in a post which was made last September.

EDIT: I’ve been given the seal of approval, and I have a shiny new Kotaku commenter profile. Shall I use my powers for good or for eeevil?

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  1. bigwig
    15 March 2007 at 20:31

    Yeah, not that i’ve noticed any improvement in quality of stories or comments. Not that i bother to read their comments any more.

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