I Got Your Two X Chromosomes Right Here

I don’t read Kotaku anymore (and I started reading Kotaku in 2004) mainly because of Florian Eckhardt (and partly because of their elitist commenting policy), so I found out about this post, courtesy of 100littledolls. Apparently Brian Crecente looked for women game bloggers, but couldn’t find many. ORLY? 100littledolls serves up a good sized list of women game bloggers for Mr. Crecente. Check it out.

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  1. 14 March 2007 at 23:22

    I do understand a bit of what he’s trying to say – there are women game bloggers but we’re not as well read as our male brethren. When people think of gaming blogs, the top picks aren’t written by women. But implying that he couldn’t find anyone good enough to write for Kotaku is just crap. There are many strong female voices out there, you just have to look a little bit. But then, if you’re here, I’m preaching to the choir, aren’t I!

  2. 15 March 2007 at 07:38

    His post seems to be a clever scheme to bring women game writers out of the woodwork. I contacted Crecente, and apparently his post has prompted a number of women to apply to the position, which is great.

  3. 15 March 2007 at 07:43

    Doesn’t Alice O’ Wonderland still post there? Surely she could have hooked them up with a couple more?

    Their commenting policy is tre bizarre. They can make erroneous posts about Cathode Tan posts, but I can’t even comment on them.

    Still, I think Kotaku has improved in the last few months. More serious, more level, more willing to vet some facts.

  4. 15 March 2007 at 09:14

    Alice does still post there, but I’m not sure how frequently…

    Really… Interesting. I may have to give Kotaku another chance.

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