Expansion and Sequel: Eye of the North and GW2

There was a post on the Guild Wars LiveJournal Community about an expansion for Guild Wars and the sequel to Guild Wars Prophecies. This information is still unconfirmed by ArenaNet. It is not on the official Guild Wars website, so this information is pure fan rumour and speculation. The Game Developers Conference starts this week, so I hope ArenaNet say something conclusive about it.

Details from article (link is below):

Eye of the North

The first expansion to Guild Wars (which means you are required to have Prophecies, Factions, or Nightfall) is rumoured for a release in the third quarter of 2007. It relates to the aftermath in Tyria after the end of Guild Wars Prophecies. It is for characters of max level. There will be 18 new dungeons, 40 new armour sets, 10 new Heroes, 150 new Skills (50 are PvE-only Skills! Whee!). There will be no new Professions for Eye of the North, not that we really need any.

I wonder if this means I have to complete the Titan quests.

Guild Wars 2

Fans speculate that the full sequel to Guild Wars will be released in 2009 or 2010. This game takes place hundreds of years after Guild Wars Prophecies and Eye of the North. There will be zone-wide PvP, so not the closed, Mission-style battles of the Alliance Battles in Guild Wars Factions. There will be multiple playable races: Humans, Charr, Norns, Asurians and Sylvarians. I can’t imagine that ArenaNet will change the level cap, but it’s a possibility. The graphics engine will be improved for the 2009/2010 release, so I assume I will have to upgrade before then (thanks for the forewarning, ArenaNet :P).

This is so exciting! Can you imagine being able to play a Charr? Rarrr! I hope we find out whether this information is true or false.


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  1. bigwig
    5 March 2007 at 23:39

    I saw this information too, and supposedly it comes from a pretty unknown source. “The inquirer” was the source supposedly, and i’ve never heard of them so, well i’m not saying they’re fake, but i’ll wait for official comment.

    I’m pretty much really bored with guild wars unfortunately. My gaming buddy has moved on to vanguard, with a bunch of other people from my guild, only my computer can’t handle vanguard. Sigh.

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