We Interrupt This Blog For Awesomeness

I’m going to be busy for a while, so this blog won’t be as active. That’s not precisely where the awesome comes in though. The awesome bit is that I have recently been hired to do something exciting and new and game-related. A couple of weeks ago, I resigned from my somewhat dull job at one of the largest lobbying organisations in the United States, where I had been working for nearly two years. I will soon start work at a rather more interesting place, this time at a small company (related to videogames) which is owned by a large media conglomerate. I will also be moving from Northern Virginia to Northern California.

I won’t be blogging as much until I get moved in and settled in California (and get the internets set up at the new flat). If I do blog, it’s probably going to be short and possibly full of fluff and nonsense (not that this site is chock full of terribly cool insight that say, Terra Nova is full of). I am still alive and still reading most of my feeds and blogs when time permits.

Oh, and I won’t be able to go to the Game Developers Conference this year. Depending on a bunch of factors, I might be going to PAX, though. The only con that I definitely know I will attend is Otakon because I’m going to be working there, and because a promise was extracted from me. :P

EDIT – 14th March 2007: Looks like I won’t be attending Otakon this year. Due to the financial strain of moving, I’ll need to tighten my belt, and this means no travel (barring family obligations).

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