Good Effort, Capcom

I now know why I received half a dozen emails from Capcom’s Lost Planet marketing team during the lead up to the launch on 12th January. They spent $20 million on developing the game and “$20 million was spent on the advertising, marketing, parties and promotions” (Joystiq). My inbox typically does not see that kind of action. Usually I get the odd bit of spam in my inbox, which Google Mail’s spam filter has failed to catch.

As much as I love attention from big publishers who send me spam emails asking me to promote write about their game on my blog, or who invite me (and thousands of other people) to their launch parties in California, I only write about stuff that I’m interested in.

Honestly, the first time I’d heard about Lost Planet was when I got an email from Capcom’s marketing people. It was nowhere near being a blip on my radar. I then read a little bit about it, but the game didn’t pique my interest, so I didn’t write about it.

I appreciate the effort, though. GG, Capcom.

What is more interesting is getting random instant messages from people in China after they have visited my blog. At least I can have a conversation.

I love getting instant messages and speaking to whomever. I got an IM a few months ago from a nice Guild Wars player from Singapore. We had a nice little chat about this and that. Fair warning, though: my pointer may stray over the “block” button if you become irritating or disrespectful or if you keep asking me to advertise your gold selling site on my blog. :P