What it Feels Like For a Girl

IrGXaNa, a male, played a female Night Elf on a role-playing server in World of Warcraft:

I was wanting to roleplay my Night Elf character but the server I was on wasn’t a RP server. So I decided to start a new Night Elf hunter on a RP server. This was much more fun and starteed off so well. I joined a guild of Hunter Elves and to start with was great fun. but i’m starting to realise the trouble many women find with gaming… the sexual harrassment.

As I was roleplaying a female character, many many times male characters just kept coming up to me and flirting, blowing kisses and declaring their love. Cos I was Roleplaying I didn’t wanna just say “hey, look mate, i’m a guy, leave it, ok” so i thought I’d just make my character not interested in it all.

What was intersting before i moved to a roleplay server was a female character was always asked if I was male or female, but I never once saw a male character being asked the same thing. It’s almost as it’s assumed that male characters are only played by men, yet the female charaters might be men too.

He goes on to detail a bit of a crazy experience in which members of the guild he joined accused him of some major guild drama which resulted in the break-up of the main guild and the formation of a splinter guild. Eventually, after it got really crazy, he decided that all the drama wasn’t worth his time, when he just wanted to role-play and get on with the game. Unfortunately, he also acquired a scary stalker with some psychological issues, apparently. He decided to start from scratch with a female Human Rogue. Unfortunately, he really did want to play that Night Elf, so he couldn’t get into the new character as much. His first experience was tainted by some horrible drama and sexual harassment, and now he’s wondering whether World of Warcraft is worth playing at all.

He ends with the following:

So, do I continue playing after the 9th feb when my bill needs renewing? Ever since all that crap I’ve not enjoyed it as much. I am even thinking of starting yet again on a new server as a male night elf hunter. Ok i’ll be doing all those missions again, but you just don’t get all that sexual harrassment as a guy. My sister was saying this is kinda how a lot of women feel going into pubs or clubs, guys hitting on them all the time or thinking they’re complete bitches when they’re not interested. God that sucks!

[World of Warcraft and my first 2 months via Jade Reporting]

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  1. Pete
    31 January 2007 at 03:57

    Just talking to a guy at work here who has played female characters in MMOs forever. He does get the odd flirt but mostly does it for the occasional free stuff and slight amusement of “you just got beaten by a girl”. Er, in a non-sexist way.

    RP servers are apparently 50% cyber anyway so that’s probably the bigger reason for your friend’s experience.

  2. 31 January 2007 at 14:32

    …mostly does it for the occasional free stuff and slight amusement of “you just got beaten by a girl”. Er, in a non-sexist way.

    Er, you know that there’s no way to take that in a non-sexist way, right?

  3. Reva
    31 January 2007 at 17:33

    “RP servers are apparently 50% cyber anyway so that’s probably the bigger reason for your friend’s experience.”

    Way to be a completely ignorant ass. I play on an RP server, and for the most part, the people I’ve met are mature, kind people. I’ve played on that server for over a year now and I have only ever seen 2 “cyber” couples.

    And I cannot speak for anyone but myself, but I hate it when men play as women for the “free stuff”. If a guy just wants to play a woman, fine, but the free stuff excuse is old. Come up with something better, please, I’d prefer men just admit they like looking at a woman’s figure better. Or RP. :)

  4. bigwig
    31 January 2007 at 20:03

    I imagine all the men playing women, trying to get free stuff, leading guys on, etc, just makes things worse for, you know, actual women.

  5. michael
    20 February 2007 at 13:16

    i believe that all men who play women on mmos, really just want to be women in RL. just kidding. i have a few female characters and a few male characters. i havent personally experienced any sexual harassment on my female characters, but oddly enough, i have experienced some on my male characters. so, its a two way street and some people are just freakin weird.

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