“The Truth Behind the Lies of Game Developers”

There’s a new game blog that will try to do for game development what The RAM Raider tries to do for game journalism. Game Truth is tired of the bullshit and feels compelled to:

…speak the truth, or at least the other side of the story, and it might as well be a blog like this. Even if this blog ends up ranting to absolutely no-one, it’s important that someone say that this industry stinks because of the developers who prop it up rather than the companies who deal with them. Someone has to tell the story.

I found two posts particularly interesting, because they hold a nugget of insight somwhere. Also, they are entertainingly written.

The first one predicts doom for the CCP and White Wolf merger:

When two developers merge it’s because one of them has no money and both have no ideas (but the money developer’s CEO hasn’t done his homework and doesn’t realise). These mergers ALWAYS fail, resulting in one of the companies getting eaten by the other and a consequent large staff overhead that dwindles resources, brand values and all the rest of it.

The other one contends that Ernest Adams is “rubbish,” but the fault lies with the industry:

It’s not completely Earnest’s fault that he’s rubbish. It’s the fault of the studios that hire him assuming that since he talks the talk he must walk the walk. It’s basically because most studios don’t know what a good game designer is or does, and so they just muddle along as best they can. The great open secret of game development is that nobody reads design documents, but that doesn’t stop designers and design consultant writing them. Nobody can tell them what it is that they are supposed to be doing, so they might as well do that.

I hope we can expect regular posts from Game Truth.

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  1. 9 January 2007 at 20:38

    Cool. Thanks for pointing this site out!

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