Shady Competition

The Miss Video Game competition/pageant has been discussed on and off in the Girl Gamers LiveJournal Community practically ever since word of its existence came to light.

Naturally much of the debate initially focused on the social implications of the existence of such a competition, with people weighing in on either side. I dislike the fact that the women participating in the videogame competition would not be judged on the basis of gaming prowess.  In an exceedingly hilarious and ironic exchange, I was called “fat and ugly” because I didn’t support the notion of a beauty pageant for women gamers, since beauty pageants judge you mostly for your appearance. In fact, this “videogame competition” did not even require entrants to be gamers! Yet strangely enough, one of the ways in which the participants would be whittled down to the finalists was through an online gaming competition. A bit of a contradiction, no?

Other dodginess, such as unclear rules, lack of clarity about judging, even legal establishment as a business eventually came to light. Their website is fairly unprofessional as well, riddled with typos and spelling errors, and just really evasive about contact information. There were no names listed, no addresses at the time. It doesn’t exactly inspire trust in the people who manage the website.

Thanks to Faith from Destructoid and Trina from Gaming Angels we have an account of their investigation. It is still unclear as to whether the company running this competition is reputable, but perhaps this is the most telling fact.

EDIT: has a decent article on it as well.


  5 comments for “Shady Competition

  1. bigwig
    29 January 2007 at 23:01

    “fat and ugly” The classic ad hominem attack, reserved for the feeble minded.

    The whole thing is just such an amateur hour i was surprised anyone had given it any credibility. Some good laughs though.

  2. skanderberg
    30 January 2007 at 04:47

    Fat and ugly, ;-p

  3. 5 February 2007 at 13:55

    White and Nerdy

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