GotW: [boat]

One of my favourite Guild Wars guilds (apart from my own), The Boat Crew [boat], was featured as the Guild of the Week on the Guild Wars Community page:

The guild aims to enjoy all aspects of Guild Wars while appreciating each other’s company. They consider themselves a very social guild, and encourage anyone to join them for activities and community gatherings. When it comes to recruitment, a player’s ability comes in a distant second to how well that person gels with current members.

In both guild and alliance, The Boat Crew organizes regular social events and elite mission outings. In the international player community, they’re known for being active in organizing gatherings and games. Members don’t limit themselves to in-game events either; some went to GenCon and won the Guild Wars tournament there. Some members also attended the launch parties for both Factions and Nightfall. The Boat Crew strongly encourages community participation.

My interactions with members of The Boat Crew have been good. When I was short on materials for one of the in-game events where you had to collect items to exchange for a prize, a member of The Boat Crew gave me her extra collectibles so that I could get my festival item.

They are a nice, sociable guild and the Lion’s Arch International District is usually alive with pleasant and lively banter from The Boat Crew. Members are usually found hanging out on board the ship at the docks.

Congratulations to The Boat Crew!