Flagship Undecided on Payment Scheme for Ongoing Hellgate Content

I have been following the development progress of Hellgate: London since summer 2005. The game’s setting, a post-apocalyptic London infested with demons from Hell, seemed really cool. I enjoy science fiction, and the whole post-apocalypse concept was intriguing. No, I haven’t played Fallout. :P The development team include some ex-Blizzard staff. I haven’t played Diablo, but apparently it was good. The Diablo style of gameplay is an influence on Hellgate: London‘s design. The screenshots look amazing, and naturally the cinematics are even more amazing.

Flagship Studios have, from the very beginning, wanted Hellgate: London to have ongoing content. Last year (I would estimate maybe mid-2006, if not earlier), Flagship Studios staff had, on the Hellgate: London fansite message boards, indicated that it was possible that this ongoing content would be available to gamers on a pay-for-play basis. What form the payments would take (subscription, micro payments, expansions, etc.) was still up in the air at that time. The offline, single-player content would be available to all for the one-time price of the game. There was always the possibility that the additional content, particularly the online components, would require payment.

This information, though old news, seems to have become more widely distributed in a GameSpot article. Before, Flagship Studios were not sure whether they would be charging at all, but it seems pretty firm from the article that they will require payment for new Hellgate: London content.  Zen of Design makes a good point that Flagship Studios really need to get cracking on choosing and building a payment infrastructure if they plan on releasing it this summer. I don’t check the Hellgate: London forums as often as I used to, so I was a little surprised that Flagship still need to make a decision on this.