Special Event Headgear “Storage”

Now we have a way to “store” our special event headgear. It’s not storage in that ArenaNet have given us actual extra inventory space. The way it works is that you speak to a Festival Hat NPC in town, and show them a special event hat in your inventory. After that, the NPC can make the same hat for any of the characters on your account. Those characters simply visit the headgear NPC and pay 10 gold.

Like all armour, hats are customised for each character, so it is impossible for another character to wear it or use it. I got a n00b swearing profusely at me (called me a “dog fucker,” etc.) this morning because I wouldn’t give them a hat so they could copy it.

This makes it simple to acquire special event headgear for all of your characters because only one character will have to jump through the hoops to get a hat, which can be copied to every character on your account. I gave all of my main characters the Horns of Grenth, and my Canthan Warrior a Tengu Mask and a Dragon Mask.