Samus Aran Varia Suit Statue

Dear Santa:

I have been very good this year.

For Christmas, I would like a Metroid Prime Samus Aran – Varia Suit statue. It is limited to only 2 500 pieces worldwide, so please get a move on. I know that the $99.99 price tag may be a bit high, but I have been really really good. I swear.

Even though the Metroid Prime Samus Aran – Gravity Suit statue is even more limited, to 250 pieces worldwide, and available only through the First 4 Figures website, I do not want it because I do not like the Gravity Suit.

Ideally, having the statues of Samus Aran in the Varia Suit, Light Suit, and Phazon Suit (possibly Dark Suit as well) would be the best, but the other statues are not out until next year. The Samus Aran Varia Suit statue comes out just after Christmas.

I am a Metroid fan and I love Samus Aran, so having a statue of Samus would be great.

Thank you,


[Thank you to Dragon for dropping me a note about the Samus Aran statue. :)]

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