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From time to time, I get some interesting email and comment spam. I still have one rather long spam comment from 1st November still saved in my comment management queue because it’s just so strange. It’s an absolutely bizarre and absurd essay warning people about the dangers of modern society, but the logic and premises are so flawed as to call into question the sanity of the person writing it.

Sometimes I receive email from marketing representatives, who are hoping to tap into the power of bloggers I suppose. One recently contacted me a few times, asking me to make mention of their game on my blog. They also messaged me with updates about their upcoming game, and most recently a “save-the-date” message about their launch party. I’ve also been approached by a small online company, asking if I could advertise their t-shirt business on my blog.

Early this morning, whilst I was AFK (sleeping), I received notifications that someone wanted to add me to their MSN, Yahoo!, and ICQ contact lists. AIM does not give you an option to approve an add request, which is stupid, so I assume that he has already added me to his AIM contact list. I checked my email, and there was a very polite message from “a leading provider of virtual currency” asking whether his company could advertise on my blog. Judging from the way grammar was used, English is not his native language. Out of curiosity, I navigated over to their website for a look at their services. Did you know that gold farmers don’t only provide virtual currency and power leveling services? They can also grind PvP Honour points for you. I had no idea. I had a look at their affiliate programme, and the figures being thrown about make it pretty tempting. However, regardless of my opinion on real-money transactions for virtual items and currency (which I haven’t actually discussed on this blog yet, I think), I don’t want to put any adverts on my blog at this point. I sent him a quick reply to that effect.

As far as promotion goes, if members of ArenaNet’s marketing team want to give me some news or something about the next Guild Wars campaign (doubtful, because they have the Guild Wars Official Fan Sites to do that for them), I’m all ears. However, I do not blog about games that I’m not interested in. People are still welcome to contact me in any case because I’m sure I am not aware of every cool thing on the internet, ever.

EDIT: Mr. Virtual Currency person IMed me on AIM, so eager is he to set me up in his affiliate programme. He was rather insistent that a partnership would be mutually beneficial. I politely declined him a couple of times, explaining why I didn’t want to put adverts on my blog, and was finally able to get him to stand down after I stated that some members of my readership may be put off by adverts for virtual currency services.

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