Pausing WOW for Wintersday 2006

Wintersday, the Guild Wars in-game winter celebration of the rivalry between Grenth, the god of death and cold and Dwayna, the goddess of life and air, is due to begin soon. I loved the Wintersday celebrations last year; it was my first true taste of a Guild Wars in-game event.

A few posts ago, I said I would be cutting back on World of Warcraft, and I have done so. However, now that Wintersday is coming up in Guild Wars, I am actually going to pretty much stop playing WOW until the festivities are over. I may check in to sell some stuff on the Auction House when the Auctioneer add-on is has been fixed, but I doubt I will make any time to do anything else.

My Warlock is well and truly stagnant at the moment, at level 34.5 or so. I doubt that I will be able to reach 40 and get my Felsteed before the Wintersday events begin, so there’s little point in trying to grind through quests I dislike and to look for a group for Gnomeregan using the clunky LFG interface.

What’s that? World of Warcraft has winter events, quests, items, and festivities, as well? Yeah. Don’t care. Let’s go Grenth!

Awaiting the Arrival of Grenth's Avatar
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  3 comments for “Pausing WOW for Wintersday 2006

  1. bigwig
    15 December 2006 at 03:34

    Did you bet on the winter tournament via the guild wars site? I don’t pvp at all so i left the ranking of who i felt will win pretty much random.

    Hopefully the finale this year will last longer, as you know, on new years eve last year, i had stuff to do. Like new years stuff. what were they thinking?

    dwayna > grenth

  2. John
    17 December 2006 at 12:10

    You’re not missing anything on WoW…the Winter Veil celebration is identical to last years. I mean exactly same items, same decorations and the exact same quests. In most cases, you can’t even do the quest again if you still have the snowman disguise that was given out last year…cause its the EXACT SAME REWARD. It’s sad to see the Billions of $$ we’re paying to Blizzard not being used. UGH!

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