Party Search Panel

I logged in early this morning to get all the new game updates and to take a cursory look at the Wintersday decorations in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan (in the continent of Elona, Guild Wars Nightfall).

My first impressions of the new Party Search Panel is fairly positive, though I will note that I have not actually tried it out yet (There’s that whole “going to work” thing.). At first glance though, they’ve managed to include quite a lot of features that I think will work well in practice*:

The Party Search panel shows all parties searching for players, along with available Heroes and henchmen. After you’ve opened the Party Search panel, you can use it to view and accept party invitations. If you’re a party leader, you can announce that you’re searching for more characters to join your party. Click “Search Party” to make the announcement. If you’d like to attract a more specialized group, you can also add a short string of text to your entry.

The Party Search panel has three tabs. The Players tab lists parties looking for players; the second and third tabs are for adding Heroes and henchmen to your party.

I like that you can look for a party regardless of whether or not you are in a town/outpost, and that you can search for a party across Districts.

The Players tab:

Click on the Players tab, and you’ll see a list of parties looking for players. Each entry includes the following information:

  • All searching parties in all districts for your current town or outpost
  • The district location of each party
  • The size of each party
  • Short descriptions written by players for their parties

I like that players can write notes in the Party Search Panel, e.g. “Quest: Reversing the Skales” or “No more Minion Masters” or “We’re doing the Mission and the Bonus” or “Wammos suck!” Though those notes would probably be written in that “leet” internet jargon.

I also like that you can see all the other parties who are looking for players, so it’s easy to remove yourself from searching and join up with another Party.

There is more detailed information about the Party Search Panel on the official Guild Wars website.


[GuildWiki: Party Search Panel]

* Blizzard could learn a thing or two from ArenaNet. Seriously. Do Blizzard pay attention to anything but the mountains of cash pouring into their vaults every month?