MySpace for WOW

I detest MySpace, but I’m on it anyway. I often think about deleting my account. The Warcraft Social Network is a MySpace clone for World of Warcraft. This may be kind of lame, but I created an account.

Your profile displays your main character’s basic information, as well as your own basic information. You can add alts to your profile. You can search for players by faction, realm, race, class, etc.

It’s still in beta, and there are a lot of features that could stand to be added, such as more options to keep data off of public profiles.

Because of the lack of more robust privacy options, I won’t post my profile here. However you are welcome to search for me. :P If you find me, and you decide to leap onto the nerdy social networking bandwagon, you can add me to your friends list.

I’m wondering whether Rupture won’t just replace this.

EDIT: After mucking about on the site for a bit, it’s very clear that this is a US-centric social networking site. There is no option to choose a server that isn’t an American server, and there is no option to list anything besides AIM as your instant messaging client. How disappointing*! I sent them some feedback with these and other complaints suggestions.

* I do use AIM (and Yahoo! and ICQ via Trillian), but I prefer MSN because of the UI, and due to habit — it was the first IM application I started using regularly because all my (British/international) friends were using it. Only when I returned to the US after university did I discover that the majority of Americans use AIM.

  2 comments for “MySpace for WOW

  1. bigwig
    9 December 2006 at 23:27

    the majority of americans use aim? maybe thats true, i don’t know, i’m Canadian. anyway i use aim, yahoo, msn, icq, all within gaim (which i prefer to trillian)

    if only they would incorporate x-fire though, then i’d be happy.

  2. 10 December 2006 at 06:49

    Xfire in GAIM would rock. I’d switch over from Trillian in that case.

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