Leveling Speed Theory Based on Anecdotal Evidence

Players on PvP servers level up more slowly because while out questing, they keep getting interrupted fucking ganked by players of the opposing faction all the fucking time.

I had an absolutely terrible night on WOW last night.

I was unable to find a group for Gnomeregan after trying to find one for nearly 45 minutes. I asked a group (which didn’t have a Warlock), who were headed in, whether they could add me to their party, but they didn’t even give me the courtesy of saying, “I’m sorry, we’re full up.” I joined the LookingForGroup channel, hoping this would meet with success.

Someone was looking for a tank for the dungeon, and I asked them whether they wanted a Warlock as well. I didn’t get a reply at all. I asked someone else, who was also LFG-ing for the same dungeon (and the same party, I later found out), whether they’d want a Warlock, and they added me to their group. Ten seconds later, I was dropped from the party without explanation. After they spammed the LFG channel for a while, I was re-added to the group. The group leader apologised: “Ha ha I thought you were a tank, sorry!” Like I didn’t tell you before that I’m a Warlock, and like you couldn’t fucking Shift + click on my name in the chat window to find out my level and Class! So why did he re-add me to the party? I don’t know.

Then they found a level 60 and added them to the party. This level 60 wanted everyone to pay him to run us through the dungeon. I was like, “What?” because I was surprised. Then the group leader told me, “Stop talking before you hurt yourself.” What the fuck. What was going through my head was, “How much would this level 60 make us level 30-somethings pay him to make the run worth his while?” Anyway, the idea of paying for a dungeon run was distasteful. If I wanted to get run through, I would have just asked Id to run me, and he’d do it for free. I want to learn how to function in a dungeon with players of my own level. One of the players left the party because he didn’t want to pay for a run. I left the party, too. I didn’t give them the courtesy of a good-bye.

I was in a slightly foul mood, and didn’t want to deal with people, so I decided to go to Desolace to pick up a quest I’d dropped earlier. I was only one “bar” away from level 34, and there were parts of the area that I hadn’t explored yet. I was hoping to get some exploration XP on the way to the quest giver’s location. After killing some monsters, I did reach level 34, so I went to Ironforge to learn new Warlock spells and get new spells for my demons.

On the flight from Desolace to the port of Theramore, I impulsively decided to leave my guild. The whole guild except for two people, including myself, is composed of alts. If no one in the guild plays except for one other person, I saw little point in membership. I don’t know if I’ll look for another guild.

After getting upgraded spells in Ironforge, I decided to start on some quests in Arathi Highlands. I hadn’t explored much of the area, and I wanted to do that. There were also some Herbs I wanted to collect for making potions. I had visited the area a few times, and I found it to be really pretty — almost as pretty as Pre-Searing Ascalon, but not quite. However, Arathi Highlands is also a Contested Area. Whilst it’s not quite the gankfest that is Strangelthorn Vale, Horde regularly visit the area as well. I was trying to find a farm for a quest, and of course I met a few Horde. I avoided some of them, but I wasn’t able to avoid all of them. I was killed a couple of times by a level ?? Horde before finally getting to the farm and completing one leg of the quest.

The next leg of the quest was in the Hillsbrad Foothills. I stopped by Southshore for a bit. In General Chat, a level 33 Warlock complained about a level 31 Horde Mage he’d killed three times, but who kept coming back. The Warlock was fed up because he was trying to do a quest, but the Mage kept coming back to fight. A level 60 went to go take care of that.

My quest required me to intercept an NPC headed to Tarren Mill, located to the north, which, as I discovered just now, is a Horde town. Right. I wish I’d known that before. Why does WOW seem to require so much meta-gaming for players to know what is going on? Fuck’s sake. Is it too much to ask to be able to play a game well without having to meta quite so much? Not everyone who plays WOW is an obsessive nerd. Feeling the need to meta-game breaks what little immersion WOW offers.

Anyway, I was headed to the road near Tarren Mill to camp for that courier. The courier appeared almost suddenly, surrounded by about five level 35 guards, who all attacked me. I put my DOTs on as many as I could and Feared a few, but I was overwhelmed. I Sacrificed my Voidwalker, but I died. But at least I knew what I was up against for my next attempt at the quest.

I resurrected, buffed myself with Demon Armour, and summoned my Voidwalker. I was busy regaining Health and Mana when I saw a 31 Horde Rogue walking along the road to Tarren Mill. He was escorting some Goblins. I ran away from him, and then suddenly realised that my Voidwalker wasn’t anywhere near me. I looked back, and it was attacking the Rogue. Zhar’nos was set to defensive, so it wouldn’t have attacked unless someone attacked it or me. I called off my Voidwalker and tried to get away, but the Rogue turned his attention to me. He stealthed — as if I couldn’t bloody well see him with Perception (!) — and started attacking me again.

Now, if I’d had my wits about me, and hadn’t become progressively more frustrated with all the interruptions, I might have had the foresight to prepare myself, and had the focus to put up a better fight. My only thought was to get away so that I could regroup and try the quest again. I Sacrificed my Voidwalker again, giving me 30 seconds of shielding, but the Rogue was able to kill me.

Id joined me with his level 48 Night Elf Rogue shortly after I resurrected, but my mood was quite foul by this time. The Horde Rogue wasn’t around, and the Horde that were about just avoided us, but my heart was no longer in the game. I decided to call it a night.

Honestly, I am so fed up with this stupid server. I just wanted to do my quests in peace. If there was some way I could move this character to a PvE server, I would seriously consider it. I’m almost tempted abandon this server and just play my Undead Warlock, Vorastrix, on her PvE server, but I would have severe regrets about the time I’d spent on Vorelisk, whom I’ve grown to like. Also, the server on which Vorastrix lives has a high population. My attempts to log in lately have been met with notifications that I am 253rd in the queue to get in. :? Vorastrix is relatively wealthy, having 15 gold at level 9, and all bag slots filled with 12-slot bags, so I’m hesitant to start a new character from scratch on a different server where I will be bagless and poor.

I don’t know what to do. There are so many things impeding my enjoyment. As much as I try to take everything in stride, these situations frustrates me greatly from time to time. When I get frustrated like this, WOW‘s other flaws stand out even more starkly. It becomes difficult to remember why I enjoy playing this game.

I’ve never completed a dungeon where I wasn’t run through. Finding a group for dungeons has always been difficult. My guild was useless for this, since 90% of the characters in that guild were alts. Hardly anyone was on, and when they were, they were off doing their own thing or of vastly different level. I’m trying to play the game properly — not getting runs, so I can learn how to play my class better, but it’s hard on a server where nearly everyone has already done the quests multiple times, and they just want the easy way through. Dungeons are supposed to be more fun and challenging than overworld quests, but so far I’ve never been able to complete one the right way (in a party of players who are of similar level). As a result, I don’t have a good impression of dungeons in WOW.

I’m trying to avoid quests that bore me, the ones which require you to kill X number of monsters, but there are so many of those that I don’t know how fast I can level without taking them. When I am on quests that I do like, the ones which require you to search and explore and speak to distant NPCs, I keep getting interrupted by the Horde.

I want to explore new areas, but my level is a big determining factor in what areas I can safely explore.

I just want to get my mount so that I can explore more efficiently, and hopefully get to the more interesting quest content, but there seem to be so many delays along that road.

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  1. 1 December 2006 at 14:19

    Seeing as you’re now thoroughly addicted to WoW, it’s probably worth your time to make an investment to enjoy your time further. Reroll on Dath’Remar, or get your character transferred, join our guild, and enjoy the quiet life of peaceful PvE play with mature, friendly guildmates.

  2. 1 December 2006 at 18:07

    It’s a shame that you’re having so much frustration. I totally abandoned my most recent attempt at playing on a PvP server because I couldn’t stand it either. But don’t give up on the game! If you roll Horde *or* Alliance on Llane I can promise you free gold! :) And people to play with in either of my guilds. We’re small but awesome.

  3. GSH
    1 December 2006 at 22:36

    Heh, actually you’d be wrong about levelling speed. According to PlayOn, people on PvP servers level faster than on PvE servers.

    Also, if you really wanted to, why don’t you transfer your character to a PvE server? You can transfer from PvP to PvE, just not the other way around. It does cost $25, but it sounds like it might be a good solution for you.

  4. bigwig
    2 December 2006 at 01:11

    Whats it cost to transfer characters with wow? like 25$ or something? thats american though…
    anyway i don’t know if that would even be remotely worth it.

  5. 2 December 2006 at 14:39

    My suspicion would be if PvP servers see faster levelling that PvE it’s because PvP servers attract a higher percentage of hardcore players, and it’s the aggregate levelling speed causing the stats rather than any particular gameplay experience Brinstar’s likely to see.

  6. Dan
    3 December 2006 at 03:49

    PvP can be such a bitch to deal with. unfortunately, I’m all to familiar with the kind of night you just described where you really can’t seem to get things done. Last night was frustrating for me too because I finally, after many many tries, found a group to Maraudon. Only when we got to the bosses did I realize that the lvl 60 that was apparently helping guildmates was, in fact, here to gather up as much of the plate Armour available because he needed the nature resist stats for aq or something. In short, I wasted my evening…

  7. 3 December 2006 at 10:53

    I think that it might have just been a bad night that night. All nights aren’t like that, which is why I haven’t quit playing.

    GregT, Tara: Thanks for the offers. :) I will keep them in mind.

    One of my SO’s hardcore WOW friends have moved servers (another PvP server), and he is trying to convince him (and me) to do the same. Apparently there is a large guild on a different PvP server that is nice and friendly. I’m not sure whether the server move will happen, but it seems fairly likely. I just dislike the fact that I’d be forced to move servers on account of the preferences of an obsessive player who is moving (and trying to get his friends to move) because he wants a better raiding guild.

    If everyone in that new guild has high-level characters and are not interesting in helping a newb, then I’m not sure whether it would be worth it at all. It might just be a repeat of my former guild, which would suck.

    GSH: I can understand why competition would bring out more time spend playing and perhaps more obsessive play styles, leading to faster leveling on PvP servers over all. I guess all the interruptions in my experience are skewing my perspective that way.

  8. GSH
    3 December 2006 at 12:13

    Yeah, I did the same thing. My first character was on a PvP server. I got him up to 47 before I couldn’t handle the ganking anymore. I rerolled on a PvE server.

    I find the PvE server to be a lot more restful, and it allows me to concentrate on what I’m doing, rather than always keeping my guard up watching for the Horde.

  9. 20 December 2006 at 02:39

    I’ve had many many days like that. I’ve been playing on PvP servers since the game came out. I’m working on my 6th level 60 (At the moment it’s level 50).

    I know exactly how you feel with that whole “Starting Over” fear, too. When I left my ex BF, he stole my first 3 60’s (Shaman, Rogue and Warlock) so I had to start over. I now have a Druid, Mage, and my Hunter.

    Many times while levelling I’ve seriously considered packing up and moving to a PvE server. The most recent time was when it took me over 2 and 1/2 hours to get one bubble of experience at level 35. All because one 60 paladin kept ganking me. I swear sometimes they only do it because they don’t have the skill to fight against people of a comparable level.

    I’ve also considered quitting the game. I’ve had many friends leave recently because of the latest patch, among other things, and I’ve had my boyfriend do nothing but play in Battlegrounds, too. Personally, If my boyfriend weren’t on the server, I would have left for a PvE one or quit the game entirely by now.

    P.S… At least you don’t have peple here saying “Lolz liek pvp’d on a pvp server” etc. That really annoys me.

    Well, off to find something to do!

  10. michael
    20 February 2007 at 13:54

    why do we do it? i hate pvp!!!! but every server i have ever had a toon on is a pvp server. i dont know why i do it. mainly b/c my friends are on those servers and i want to play with them. its not that i am bad at pvp, i am actually decent at it. but i just hate the quest interruption. but whats worse, is that i find myself ganking people too! i have been programmed i guess. i never camp, though. i hate campers. lowest of the low. i kill once, and move on. lately though, since TBC has come out, i find myself ganking and getting ganked less. in the past week i have quested right beside a horde countless times. maybe peace has fallen on Kalecgos (my server). but i doubt it. more than likely, they are just trying to get to 70 as fast as they can so they can find me and kill me.

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