Gaming: WOW, Wii, and What I Want

I think I may cut back on World of Warcraft because my enjoyment of it has taken a pretty sharp downturn. There are too many factors in the game that are out of my control that have a negative impact, and lately it’s been difficult to tolerate.

I logged in this morning, checked my mail… Then couldn’t be bothered to open my Quest Log. I have quests to do, but most of them are for the Gnomeregan dungeon. I didn’t want to waste my time LFG-ing again. Maybe the next patch will help with this problem.

I fear that exploration will just be met with more frustrating interruptions, so I’m rather discouraged. As a Warlock, I don’t have any speed buffs that will let me cover ground quickly (or make a fast getaway), so exploration is very slow (another reason I want a mount).

I don’t have that many people to play with (read: one person), and this was true even when I was in a guild. Another point FTL, because if my experience of the social side of WOW were up to par, I’d be more willing to put up with crap to make progress. Playing with one person in a MMORPG is not enough to make it a socially meaningful experience.

I would like to continue leveling up my Herbalism, but again, the barrier to that is interruptions, and sometimes griefing, from the opposing faction. The herbs that will allow me to level my skill are in areas which are new to me, and often Contested Territory. My Herbalism is trailing very far behind my Alchemy, which I maxed out a couple of levels ago — and I can’t get my Artisan Alchemy quest until level 35. I wanted to keep both Professions at nearly the same level, but all the time I kept getting asked to make potions. Herbs were also given to me, so if I’m not out collecting them, my Herbalism doesn’t go up.

I really do want my Felsteed (rather a lot), but though I am so close to that goal, never has it seemed so far away.

I don’t know. Maybe this mood is due to this rather severe headache I have as well. I feel a bit nauseous.

Last night, Id and I were at the mall. Nintendo had a kiosk set up where you could try out the Wii. We played some Excite Truck. It was okay. I’m not into racing games (except for Mario Kart). I think for people who do like that sort of thing, it would appeal to them.

Later, we went to his friend’s house to check out his Wii.

Id made a Mii, and that was a lot of fun. I enjoyed watching the Mii-making more than watching the games being played.

He showed us Red Steel first. I know people have all mentioned this, but compared to the Xbox 360 and the PS3, you really do notice a significant difference in graphical detail. Red Steel didn’t really appeal to me from what I’d read prior to the Wii launch, and seeing it played confirmed that this game isn’t something that I’d buy. It seems a fairly mediocre FPS, and it’s only the Wii controls that make Red Steel unique and interesting.

Next up was The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess. I’m mostly indifferent to the Zelda series of games. The first and last Zelda game which I played from beginning to end was A Link to the Past, which I enjoyed very much. I had played, but not completed, the first two Zelda games, but honestly, the exclusivity of the series isn’t want keeps me buying Nintendo consoles. Twilight Princess is a bit different from past Zelda games. It’s darker, which I like, but it has all the familiar Zelda conventions. The game seems fun enough, and the Wii controls do add to the experience, but I’m not particularly interested in it. I’m just not that into Zelda, but if you like the series, you’d probably love this game.

There are no Wii games out at the moment that I’m interested in playing so much that I’d go out and get the console. When there are more games, more games with mature storylines (as opposed to cartoon-y and kiddie), more Wii colours to choose from (Can we get this in black, Nintendo? Please?), and when Metroid Prime 3: Corruption comes out — that will be a different story.

In terms of next generation consoles, the Xbox 360 has my interest the most at the moment. I’m not going to get one just yet because I can’t afford it (I just bought my parents a new computer for Chirstmas), and there aren’t enough games (that I’m interested in) for it.

Dead Rising looks cool, though the idea that you have to choose between free-form zombie-killing and following the story because there is only one save game slot rubs me the wrong way. But, it does seem like a very cool game.

Although I dislike generic military FPSs Gears of Wars looks interesting. I had an opportunity to play it at an anime convention recently. The story seems rather uninspired, and the entire gameworld populated by similar-looking, overdeveloped military men, however. The future is all male? How dull! The game play, though I was going through the control scheme learning curve, is fun and intense.

At the same time, there are some games for the PS2 that I’m also interesting in getting.

I played Okami at Id’s place last week, and that is such an awesome game. When my self-imposed (temporary) ban on buying games expires at the beginning of next year, I am definitely going to get Okami. This would be the perfect game for the Wii. I haven’t been this engaged in playing a game in a while. If only the big designers hadn’t left Clover Studios, and if only Capcom hadn’t shut it down, we might have seen this on the Wii. :( If Okami had been released for the Wii, it would seriously tempt me. I like how Amaterasu (the wolf) is the embodiment of a sun goddess. Interesting and unique female protagonists FTW.

I’d also like to get Rule of Rose, partly because of the controversy, partly because it seems like an interesting horror title. I think I’d be willing to tolerate the reportedly crap game controls if the story is sound. Resident Evil 2 had some awful controls and I managed to play through that one.

Right. Going to see if I can get rid of this headache, which I’ve had since last night. I took some medicine for it, and I hope it kicks in soon.

  5 comments for “Gaming: WOW, Wii, and What I Want

  1. bigwig
    3 December 2006 at 23:12

    Indifferent to zelda?
    -5 to charisma

  2. 4 December 2006 at 03:44

    Oh noes, a hit to my gamer street cred!

  3. Dan
    4 December 2006 at 16:01

    I have to admit, I find indifference to zelda freakish, but I have sympathy with your WoW apathy. I spent a good deal of my afternoon achieving sweet fuck all. Again.

    Bring on the patch and it’s long needed LFG feature. Perhaps then I can get on with my game instead of wasting hours droning on and on and on about how much I really am LFG. Honest, guv.

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