Extended Pause

I cancelled my subscription to World of Warcraft. Originally I was just going to take a break so I could play a lot of Guild Wars during the winter festivities. I have enjoyed playing WOW for the most part, however I have found it harder and harder to ignore many of the irritations in the game so I’m going to extend the break indefinitely.

The World of Warcraft account management page gives you the option to tell them why you are cancelling. Amusingly, one of the options in the drop-down menu is “Patch (New).” I guess enough people were canceling because of the recent game updates for them to add this option? I told Blizzard that I was cancelling my subscription to play Guild Wars.

I can still play WOW until 2nd January, which is when my paid time expires, but I doubt I will be doing much.

Oh, that reminds me. I should probably send an in-game letter to the person who made me a member of their guild. I was randomly questing when someone whispered and asked me whether I wanted to join their “new endgame raiding guild.” I told them that I wasn’t an alt and that it would take me a long time to reach level 60 (I am level 34). They said it didn’t matter, so I joined the guild. Anyway, I’d best let them know that I’m going to stop playing.