Boss Needs a Wii


My division’s Vice President came down to my cubicle at the end of the day and asked myself and a co-worker, “Do either of you know how I can get a Wii?” Co-worker has a PC gamer husband, but the fellow doesn’t follow console gaming. The question was then directed towards me. I said I would make inquiries and stuff.

So is it totally impossible to get a Wii at retail at this point? I haven’t been making attempts myself, but I know they Wiis are rare. If I can find out when the next shipment of Wiis come in to Target or Wal-Mart or the specialty stores or wherever, he’s going to send his wife down to camp for the Wii spawn. Somehow I think that his chances are better if he overpays on eBay. :?

EDIT: I love you, intertubes! The awesome people of Girl Gamers have directed me to Wiiseeker for a way to find Wiis in one’s local area based on the zip code you enter.

The next Wii shipment will come in on 17th December to large stores such as Wal-Mart or Target. If you want a Wii, apparently Target gets more Wiis per store (10-50) than Best Buy (up to 5 or so) and Wal-Mart gets any number between Target and Best Buy.

Specialty stores such as GameStop, are generally not notified of when and if they get stocks in, however apparently they are getting in fewer Wiis than the larger stores.

Please don’t bother asking your local specialty store when they will get Wiis — they don’t know. I know this because I used to work at GameStop. I could not remember a time when we were ever told what we would get in a shipment. Specialty stores get shipments daily on weekdays during office hours (e.g. from around 10:00 – 17:00), though since it is the season for buying, they may get shipments in on weekends, too.

Do not ask if you can put money down to reserve one — you can’t. You should have done this three or four months ago, you n00b.

Do not ask if there is a waiting list — they don’t do that. It is first-come, first-gets.