Undead Warlock Costume on eBay

World of Warcraft player Micah is auctioning off her homemade costume of her Undead Warlock. Her costume made it to the top 5 in Blizzard’s 2006 Halloween contest. She is auctioning the costume so that she can raise funds to move back to New Orleans.

Undead Warlock Costume
The costume includes:

  • Dreadmist Mask
  •  Felheart Shoulders
  •  Dreadmist Robe
  •  Felheart Belt
  •  Nightfall Drape
  • Felheart Bracers (and gloves)
  • Grimoire (holds stuff!)

Check out the details:

Dreadmist Mask:

Faux silk fabric, hand painted, with attachable crest piece. Sheer black “blackout” hood, with Glittering eyes sewn in, which are large oval Swarovski crystals side-lit by red LED lights, powered by a 9v replaceable battery. Eyes glow and glitter very well in all light conditions.

Dreadmist Robe and Felheart Belt:

Top was an existing shirt in the same color faux silk as the rest, modified and painted to mesh in. The bottom is in two pieces, the front hangs from the shirt, the back is tied on, and flaps safety pinned in place, to be correct to the in-game version.

Hand Painted detail on all pieces, very true to the game set.

Felheart belt is separate piece, with grommets in back that can be laced, and can easily be tailored/pinned to fit it’s new owner.

Nightfall Drape:

Satin with faux silk edging and lining – Intricately hand painted. Foam sheet “undead spine” detail.

Felheart Bracers/gloves:

White opera gloves over sculpted cardboard bracers, foam fingertips sewn in. Hand Painted.

And, A Grimoire to hold your stuff!

Constructed of foamboard, mat board, and faux suede, even has book spine details, bookmark, and “gilded pages”! snap closure, plenty of room for wallet, keys, whathaveyou. Blue and green LED’s aimed at frosted acrylic “eyes and mouth” for eerie glow. Powered by replaceable 9v battery

There are more pictures of the costume on eBay. It’s quite awesome. Serious bidders only!

[Auction via Girl Gamers]