Respect Others’ Play Styles

Saylah from Mystic Worlds has a post about a debate she had with her son about the reasons people play games, and his apparent inability to understand that not everyone plays World of Warcraft only for the loot:

He’s young. He doesn’t understand adventuring. He has no interest in immersion. The virtual fantasy world holds no charms for him, other than being the vehicle by which he accumulates loot. He does nothing in the game that won’t have a direct benefit and tangible results for getting more loot. That’s it “his game begins and ends with the quest for E-P-I-C-S. And anyone who isn’t aboard that train is a noob-sauce.

I try to explain that we don’t all play for the same reasons. What excites him isn’t the same thing that excites me and vice versa. We’re all here paying and playing for different reasons. And as much as he and others might disdain the casuals (adventurers, achievers and socializes), you can’t sustain a game without us. Just as in real life, we can’t all be warriors, and there is no need for everyone to be warriors. We need heroes and commoners alike.