I Can See Its Eyes

I seem to be alternating my World of Warcraft and Guild Wars playing; one week of Guild Wars, followed by a week of WoW. Last week, it was WoW. According to my ad hoc system, this means it’s all Guild Wars this week. However, my Warlock reached level 30 last week. Level 40 is right around the corner. My Felsteed is almost within reach. I just need to make it to 40. At level 40, I can get my horse. Just a few more levels. Guild Wars will have to wait for another week or two. I want that horse!

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  1. 21 November 2006 at 05:51

    omg, you’re totally getting sucked in…

  2. Reva
    21 November 2006 at 13:20

    Whee! I too have a warlock, except mine is an Undead lady. Once you get the Felsteed, the whole world opens up, I promise. :) I am working on my Dreadsteed quest, so I too feel the need to get that (next) pony!

    Good luck!

  3. Dan
    21 November 2006 at 17:11

    bah, free mounts indeed!

    I practically bled trying to save for mine, then failed miserably and borrowed what else I needed of my buddy. It was alright though, they were ill-gotten gains and I have no intention of paying him back.

    oh, and It’s very cool. Giant cat an all :)

  4. 21 November 2006 at 19:41

    Bah yourself. :) Saving up 90 (or was it 100?) gold is doable for the level 40 mount.

    Granted, I did have a 7 gold head start during the early levels because a guildmate gave me some money. However that was “erased” by a “blue” dagger I bought a couple levels ago on the AH for 11 gold. I had to spend gold for the cost of my minion Grimores and new spells after leveling, as well as buying reasonable armour and weapons at the AH every so often. Sometimes I make purchasing mistakes, like accidentally selling items to vendors, and needing to buy them back again for a lot more than what I sold them for. Sometimes I’ve bought the “wrong” items on the AH, and didn’t really need them, or another item was a better choice so I bought that as well.

    Despite my mistakes and wasted money, I have about 66 gold right now. I’m 10 levels away, so even if I played a different class, I should definitely be able to save enough. I don’t grind for gold or loot to sell; all I have been doing to gain levels is to quest. I sell potions and herbs and everything I can’t use on the AH.

    Now, admittedly, the 900 gold you need for the epic mount is pretty insane… The hoops Warlocks have to jump through for the Dreadsteed are insane as well. The cost of crafting materials easily comes to several hundred gold, too.

  5. 21 November 2006 at 22:26

    Looks like you’ve found something to like about WoW after all! Glad to hear you’re enjoying it. I still like the game, I just feel like there’s not that much new to see anymore. I guess that can happen after a year and a half! I’m still psyched for the expansion pack though! Re-rolling Blood Elves with a group of my co-workers. On a PvE server all the way, though. Can’t take that stressful PvP stuff.

  6. 22 November 2006 at 03:23

    Oh, yeah! Despite my complaints, WoW is a really fun game!

    I’m totally not getting sucked in, Weefz!

  7. Dan
    22 November 2006 at 04:35

    On the subject of mounts- the burning crusade mounts look amazing and have swayed me to rolling a drenari (sp?) shaman. They ride Elephants!


  8. 28 November 2006 at 07:19

    ‘Locks get free mounts because ‘locks are akin to supreme beings. Then again, Paladins get free mounts and there’s just no explanation for that.

    The Enchanted Bloodrobe is also superb – my little fella is still wearing it at level 56 although I’m hoping to find a good deal on a Felcloth Robe on the AH. Or a pattern drop when I get to those dungeons.

    Robe of the Void may take a little longer.

  9. 29 November 2006 at 08:08

    Just looked those two robes up, and they seem very sweet. Sadly, I am not a Tailor.

    I went with Alchemy (maxed it out, and hoping to get to level 35 soon, so I can go on my Artisan Alchemy quest and eventually make more advanced potions) and Herbalism (need to level this up way more).

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