ZOMG Nightfall

Why did I (re)start playing World of Warcraft, again? Really. I almost feel like I don’t need another game besides Guild Wars. At least maybe not another online multiplayer game. WOW has it’s charms, but Guild Wars is where I have fun without having to look for it too hard.

Apart from how awesome the game is, I certainly can’t say that I’ve ever participated in a discussion with people from around the world about the American hegemony, immigration/emigration, or the technology and influence of the Roman Empire on my server in WOW.

One of the ArenaNet Community Relations Managers, Gaile Gray, was in International District 1 of Kamadan yesterday. This was super cool, because I had never been in an outpost when she chatted to fans. The Frog (wearing a witch hat) was also there to chat to players. It was really neat. I had no idea that so many people spammed her with questions, like: “Gaile, why did you nerf farming?” I thought it was fairly obvious why they nerfed an aspect of farming: to attempt to keep the gold sellers in check.

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  1. bigwig
    30 October 2006 at 03:33

    Not only do they spam her with questions, they ask the same questions over and over. They ask her questions she just answered. If i were her i’d rip out my hair. People still ask her if guild wars will ever become subscription based.

  2. 3 November 2006 at 15:36

    Gaile’s pretty cool. Very good at her job, and she leads a mean conga line.

    I’ve bought myself a copy of the Nightfall collector’s edition, but haven’t installed it yet. I have RL friends playing WoW on Dath’remar now so that’s really been eating my online gaming time. Plus I never even finished half the content from Factions, so I don’t really know what I’m expecting from Nightfall.

  3. 3 November 2006 at 16:14

    I actually haven’t finished Factions yet, either. :? I’m playing several characters concurrently. See, my crazy goal is to finish each campaign with at least one character created in that campaign. I finished Prophecies with my first GW character, my Necromancer (though I have to do 4 more Bonus Missions, and I doubt I’ll get the titan quests done, so I am not counting them). I am slightly less than halfway through Factions with my Warrior, and I just started Nightfall with my Paragon.

    So far Nightfall is great, but the Hero system may make the game less social… I don’t know.

  4. JPerez
    7 November 2006 at 11:00

    I farm like mad (the only way I can afford to buy armor / weapons)
    as do the ret of my guild. I know that they nerfed Farming in a attempt to keep the gold sellers in check.
    But what about the rest of us that farm to survive, what are we suppose to do…

    I am hurting with this.

  5. 7 November 2006 at 14:35

    Believe me, I do appreciate how expensive it is to afford weapons and armour for all one’s characters. I am still saving gold so that I can buy my Warrior 15k Kurzick armour. Meanwhile, she is wearing an incomplete set of collector armour. I have been playing with a 35AL on my helm and boots for months. :(

    I’ve diverted earnings away from my other characters’ earnings so that I can afford crafting materials for my Warrior’s 15k armour. I am not as systematic a farmer as the serious ones are; I don’t have a 55 Monk or a 55 Necro. I have just been trying to make it by trying to play as best as I can, while still trying to get through the campaign.

    I honestly don’t know how to answer your question. I’m sorry that the regular players who aren’t gold farmers are hurting from the nerfs. But GW players, I have seen, are very adaptable. People will adapt and new viable farming builds will emerge. Either that, or it will just be a little slower from now on. Farming isn’t dead, it just needs to adapt.

    One of my favorite Elites, Spiteful Spirit was nerfed due to the new enemy AI. The monsters no longer stick around for long when the AoE hits them. But it still works. It’s still viable. It’s just not as strong as before. So I just need to either get used to it, or find new/better tactics.

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