Pre-Nightfall: The Week in Gaming

Things I have done this week in World of Warcraft (Monday – Wednesday):

  • Checked mail.
  • Collected unsold items from mail.
  • Scanned Auction House.
  • Put unsold items back up for auction.
  • Logged out.

Things I did in World of Warcraft last night:

  • Checked mail.
  • Collected unsold items from mail.
  • Scanned Auction House.
  • Put unsold items back up for auction.
  • Created new Undead character (Mage) on PvE server.
  • Created new Night Elf character (Priest) on current server.
  • Considered moving (relatively) wealthy, level 9 Undead Warlock from one PvE server to another.
  • Logged out.

Things I will do in World of Warcraft this weekend if I decide to take a break from Guild Wars:

  • Go back and forth between the mail box and the Auction House. As above.

Things I did in Guild Wars yesterday:

  • Downloaded all new content in yesterday’s game update.
  • Mixed some dye to make a colour resembling black and applied it to Khirsah’s Tormentor’s Armour. Was fairly pleased with the result. Loved the preview panel for dye mixes. Experimented with dye mixes on Dragon Mask. Mixed a steel blue colour. Was pleased with the result. No White Dye available yet. Left for work.
  • Arrived home and opened Guild Wars Nightfall Collector’s Edition and looked through contents. Looked through artbook. Again fell in love with the art style and aesthetic of Guild Wars.
  • Added Nightfall Pre-Order Bonus Pack access key to Guild Wars account.
  • Added Nightfall Collector’s Edition access key to Guild Wars account.
  • Saved wallpapers from Pre-Order Bonus Pack to computer.
  • Ripped music from Pre-Order Bonus Pack and Guild Wars Nightfall soundtrack (included with Collector’s Edition) to computer. Forgot to send music to iPod. Doh.
  • Checked out the super awesome Halloween decorations at Lion’s Arch. Made screenshots. Had a good laugh at the cocooned/trapped merchants in Merchant’s Row — who still sold their wares. Was also amused by the NPCs who were changed into various creepy, sinister, undead things (executioners, chained zombies/ghouls, skeletal horseriders, etc.). Found the exposed mass graves surrounded by candles also darkly amusing. Ghosts wandering throughout town: nice touch. Giant bubbling cauldron with spirits twisting overhead: cool. Eeries faces and shapes in clouds overhead: very cool. Ghost ship: awesome. The moon: the best thing ever. Am extremely happy that ArenaNet have not taken a super cheesy route with the Halloween decorations.
  • Went outside to check out Nightfall Collector’s Edition minipet, Varesh Ossa. Was amused. Compared size of Varesh minipet to my other minipets.
  • Irritated that new Damage Monitor appears in the same place where I keep my Mission Map. Mucked about with user interface. Decided to move Mission Map to other side of screen, next to Compass (which probably makes more sense).
  • Listened to people complain vehemently about nerf to 55 farming and Boot Prot builds in International District in Lion’s Arch. Was amused as more level-headed people debated with whingers.
  • Answered questions posed in public chat in Lion’s Arch.
  • Balked at price of White Dye. 31 platinum?! Outrageous! Predicted that White Dye will be as, or even more, in-demand than Black Dye. Noticed that Black Dye was selling for 10 platinum.
  • Completed Ice Caves of Sorrow Bonus Mission (Guild Wars Prophecies) with smarter Henchmen. Was very pleased. Have only four more Bonus Missions to complete before earning “Protector of Tyria” title with Khirsah. Was even more pleased. Noticed during the Mission that the improvements to monster AI didn’t appear to have a major impact on my usage of Spiteful Spirit, contrary to what people had complained about, though they were more concerned about solo farming in The Underworld than its usage elsewhere.
  • Attempted Elona Reach Bonus Mission (also Guild Wars Prophecies) with Khirsah. Took too much time to get first Vision Crystal. Decided to call it quits for that attempt.
  • Logged in with Livia (Mesmer/Monk). Completed Pre-Searing Armour set by gathering items for collectors. Irritated that clothes were green and grey due to the fact that all new armour is now grey. Bought grey dye and applied it so that all armour matched. Was pleased. Thought occurred that Livia resembles early-Scully-era Gillian Anderson.
  • Pondered whether to take Livia through to Post-Searing, or make her a permanent Pre-Searing character.
  • Logged out.

Things I did in Guild Wars this morning:

  • Was pleased about having so many character slots.
  • Mucked about with character creator for various Professions in Nightfall. Was pleased that ArenaNet, as I predicted they would, added even more options for face, hairstyles, and hair colour for the various Professions for the full release of Nightfall.
  • Disappointed that female Paragons, much like female Elementalists, do not look as cool as their male counterparts. Currently leaning towards breaking with tradition of only using females as “serious” characters due to nicer overall aesthetic of male Paragons (i.e. nicer hair, really attractive). Also, feared the fact that female Paragon armour will included high-heeled sandals as in Nightfall PvE Preview Event. *shudder*
  • Tried to think of name for new character.
  • Logged out.

Things I will do in Guild Wars this weekend:

  • Add Nightfall Collector’s Edition Bonus Music Access Key to DirectSong account and download music.
  • Create Paragon and start playing Nightfall.
  • Take screenshots of Halloween-decorated Kamadan.
  • Consider possibility of making more headway with other characters, especially Varda (Warrior/Mesmer) in Factions.

Other things competing for time:

  • Costume party on Saturday night.
  • Random household chores.
  • Stuff.
  • Things.

I play on my DS Lite when I commute to work. However, I haven’t bought any new DS games recently. Although I do want Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! and Elite Beat Agents, I am unlikely to purchase them, since I promised myself that, after Guild Wars Nightfall, I would get no more new games until next year. As such, my DS gaming mainly involves farming fruit in Animal Crossing: Wild World before the trees become barren, and fighting bots in multiplayer battles in Metroid Prime: Hunters.

I didn’t make much time to play WoW early on in the week due to other activities. WoW will take a backseat now that Guild Wars Nightfall is here, but I’ll keep my account active for when I want a break from Guild Wars.

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  1. bigwig
    28 October 2006 at 00:40

    Maybe its just because I’ve seen the lions arch decorations before, or because LA is missing some of my more favourite halloween decorations that were there last year, but i found kamadan particularly stimulating with decorations. Be sure to look up.

  2. 28 October 2006 at 05:59

    You know, if you wanted to borrow some DS games it could be arranged.

  3. 28 October 2006 at 08:43

    I gotta say – between your posts and Clamatius’, I’m tempted to get the CheapBox up and running just to jump back into the game for a spell. These updates sound most tasty.

    But I’ve got NaNo coming up … last thing I need is a solid timesink :)

  4. 30 October 2006 at 12:42

    Thomas: What have you got?

    I have to warn you that you might not see your game for a long time. I still have Other Thomas’ copies of Resident Evil 4 and Psychonauts gathering dust, abandoned and unplayed. Well, to be fair I played Resident Evil 4 for a couple of hours.

    Josh: Check back in GW in December! Good luck with NaNo.

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