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I’m writing about World of Warcraft over on The Game Chair.

I haven’t yet decided on how to conceal other players’ identities. Initials? Nicknames? Handles if I know them. I won’t use character names.

I don’t know what to do about the complications of cross-sex character selection. 84% of World of Warcraft players are male, but I would say that at least half (if not more) of the characters I see on the server are female. So I don’t know whether to refer to them as male or female if I don’t know what sex they are in real life. I’ll figure something out.

It’s interesting that so many men will easily adopt the appearance of women in a computer game, but any insinuation of “feminine” characteristics in real life is met with defensiveness and assertations that they aren’t “gay.” So it’s okay to pretend to be a woman in a game, but exhibiting just the characteristics that are seen as feminine is bad or shameful? Gee, thanks a lot. That makes me feel so awesome, because I really am a woman in real life.

I have only one male friend who has told me, without any shame or awkwardness, that he has a few personality characteristics that are generally seen as feminine. I don’t think teasing by his male peers would bother him all that much because he seems fairly secure in his gender identity. He is the only man (that I can recall) who has never given me the, “I play female characters because I would rather stare at a woman’s ass for hours on end, than a man’s ass” reason when I ask them why they choose a different gender for their characters.

Uh, I have totally digressed. WOW and stuff. Yeah.

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