Guild Wars Game Update: 25th October

Oh. My. God. The new game features are so sweet! Many of these oft-requested features are also being rolled out to the other two campaigns ahead of the Nightfall release on Friday. The update is massive (I’m downloading it right now), but briefly, some of the notable new features:

  • Skill Templates — Save your builds!
  • Equipment Templates — Save your weapon and armour combinations!
  • Armour Insignias — Allowing you to mix and match armour bonuses!
  • Weapon Inscription — Swappable weapon bonuses!
  • New Salvage/Upgrade System — Choose which component you would like to salvage.
  • New Dye System — Newly crafted armour is grey; no more dye remover, just use grey dye. Dye Panel allows you to preview your amour to see what it would look like before the dye is applied. White and brown dye available as drops (I’ll be looking to sell these if I find them, because the market for White Dye will be super hot in the beginning!).
  • New Damage Interface — Damage Monitor panel allows you to see Skills that opponents have recently used against you.
  • Henchmen Controls — Now available on the Compass!
  • Improved Hero/Henchmen AI — A lot of improvements here, including: taking into account Conditions and Exhaustion, Skill combination awareness, Energy management, kiting, staying out of AoE spells, moving in formation (melee characters at the front, casters at the rear), follow the leader unless specifically directed to move to a particular location. Obviously, Heroes are only available with Nightfall.
  • Improved Monster AI — Will stay in AoE if they are healthy and/or think they are about to kill you, smarter at avoiding AoE by spreading out.
  • Materials Storage — Now available to all players; previously it was available only to characters who had Guild Wars Factions and could travel to Cantha.
  • User Interface — Control + Click Skill Bar to announce Skill combination to would-be party members, called targets available for 30 seconds and don’t go away when target caller changes targets.

There are also Skill balance changes. For my Professions, they don’t seem too bad, but I haven’t yet read them in great detail. The PvPers seem very pleased about the new PvP features. Seems that ArenaNet have been listening hard to a lot of the players’ more sensible suggestions (unlike, say, Blizzard whose character designs are apparently dictated by insecure 15-year old boys, who think that masculine appearance = looks like they are on steroids). [Read] [Guild Wars Game Updates Archive]

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  1. 26 October 2006 at 11:18

    I told you so. :)

    The PvP community is beyond excited about all this stuff. For me, the big, long-awaited change is not having to spend ages playing tag in the guild hall waiting for people to roll up characters.

    The skill balance stuff is also pretty sweeping and will change a fair number of major PvP archetypes. Elementalists in particular got a lot of love (check out Glyph of Elemental Power).

    There are, sadly, a bunch of bugs with the update (e.g. vigor runes currently stack) which will doubtless be ironed out swiftly.

  2. 26 October 2006 at 13:20

    Wow, this stuff sounds pretty sweet. I may have to jump back into GW at some point soon.

  3. 26 October 2006 at 14:18

    Clamatius: I did notice the kindness to the Elementalists in particular. There were some nice buffs to some Necro Skills (and Tormentor’s Armour, which I use), but I am a bit concerned about the new, smarter, AoE-avoiding monsters, since I use Spiteful Spirit a lot. But we shall see how these changes work, and I’ll adapt.

    Tony: You should totally get back into it, even if it’s just to check out how the new features work in Prophecies. :)

  4. 26 October 2006 at 15:10

    I was wrong about the rune thing.

    Apparently the +health runes are supposed to stack (the vitae runes), so now you actually have a choice between minor attribute runes and other effects (e.g. +health, +energy, etc).

    Some items did get kinda dorked though. Should be fixed soon.

  5. bigwig
    26 October 2006 at 20:50

    This stuff is great and has really got me psyched up for nightfall. Most of this stuff is great. I saw someone say they sold a white dye for 30k

    On the downside, i have stacks of the old dyes now sitting around that won’t stack with new dyes. ugh.

  6. 27 October 2006 at 04:02

    I love being able to direct my Henchmen. Being able to tell them to stay put while I go pull some enemies towards them is so handy. It’s awesome!

  7. 27 October 2006 at 09:20

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