Where is the Time?

The only gaming I seem to be doing these days is Guild Wars and short, “casual” games on my DS Lite. I’d rather play Guild Wars than console games these days. I would love to work on my backlog, maybe finally finish Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and all of those other games, but I can’t be bothered. It seems too much of an effort to play anything other games or to start anything else.

I don’t think I am addicted to Guild Wars, really. The most I play, now that I am slightly less busy, is two hours a night, if I do get to play at all. I have no burning “need” to play, at least it is not the same sort of “addiction” I have experienced when I am really “obsessed” with a game. It’s sort of a simmering want, rather than an urgent need. The other night I had a headache, so after failing a Mission, I called it a night for gaming and just talked to someone over the internets and listened to music.

I am juggling my gaming activities with my other entertainment activities, a struggle that others are no doubt familiar with, whether they are working full time or not.

TV? What’s that? I don’t watch TV anymore. I stopped watching Lost in the middle of Series 2, not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because I had to schedule my Wednesday night around it. TiVo is out because it involves a lot of expense. It was too much of an effort to tune in, I suppose. How lazy! If I know a show is really good, I’d rather buy or borrow DVDs anyway. I don’t think I would buy Lost on DVD. Maybe I’d rent it, but there are other things to watch…

Right now, I am working my way through Rurouni Kenshin, an anime series from the late 1990s that I never got around to watching, but which was very popular. I have been slowly going through the episodes here and there since the beginning of the year. There are about 62 episodes I need to watch, and I am near the end of the run, so I’m doing a little better than one episode a week. Other anime… Well, I have a backlog. One of these days I will finish watching that Fullmetal Alchemist series that the youngins are all talking about. I have watched the first ten or so episodes and I think the series is brilliant. But again — it competes with my other activities.

Games and talking to friends on the internet seem to be my main methods of entertainment, but I am trying to get back into reading graphic novels. However, they are so expensive and there is so much to read. I have several things sitting on my “Things to Read” pile. I have decided not to buy anymore books or graphic novels until that pile has been reduced by at least half. This might take a while. I have Christmas and birthday presents to finish/start reading.

I recently bought a used car. Because I have opted for the “pay it off as quickly as possible” route, I have far less money to spend on entertainment anyway. It’s probably a good thing that I won’t be buying books or games for a while. Meanwhile, my Amazon Wishlist grows and grows. The only game that I am planning on buying for the remainder of the year is Guild Wars Nightfall. No Guitar Hero 2. No Final Fantasy VI.* No Lego Star Wars 2. No Wii.

And then there are the non-gaming social activities. Hanging out with friends. Lunch. Dinner. Cinema. Outings. Stuff.

Not to mention the fact that I have “serious” things to do with my non-working time, things to do with career paths and The Future and so on.

So, right now, I don’t know what kind of gamer this makes me. I still read the industry news and follow what’s going on, but I don’t have the time or inclination to play a large variety of games.

* After finding that I disliked Final Fantasy VII, I planned on giving the Final Fantasy series another chance. Final Fantasy VI is supposedly better than Final Fantasy VII in some circles.

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  1. Leah
    19 August 2006 at 02:01

    I have a serious addiction to World of Warcraft, which I am in the middle of blogging about. I just want to say to be careful, I started out like you, pretty casual, but soon it spiraled out of control. May you be more observant and aware than me.

    I have an extreme dislike for all things Final Fantasy because I find the games boring with stock stories that, frankly, we’ve all read much better before. In my opinion, they do not deserve the praise heaped upon them.

  2. 20 August 2006 at 07:50

    I managed to avoid WOW addiction simply because I didn’t enjoy how much work it entailed to play. What others see as “depth” (armour crafting, tailoring, making stuff, repairing armour, the level grind, so much running around), I saw as work. Guild Wars is my kind of game because it lacks that “depth” but it is still fun. I’ve been playing Guild Wars for over a year, and so far I’ve been able to balance everything. When things get busy, I do feel some irritation that I can’t jump in the game to make some progress, but that’s the way it goes I guess.

  3. 24 August 2006 at 03:29

    Admit it, you are addicted to Guild Wars. It sort of creeps into your life and once it takes hold, there’s no getting away!

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