Varda Wins Boreas Seabed

A few days ago, my Warrior/Mesmer attempted the Boreas Seabed Mission with Henchmen. I tried and failed several times. Unfortunately, I cannot tell Henchmen to bring interrupt Skills, nor can I tell them to co-ordinate their interrupts in such a way that (the great) Zhu Hanuku can’t resurrect his kraken spawn or fire off his devastating Jade Fury, which deals 50 damage, knocks you down, and deals another 150 damage. I guess I wasn’t skilled enough to Hench this one. It’s possible, but after failing a lot, I felt that my chances with a PUG were much better than continuing to die to a big floating squid. So I tried the Mission with a PUG today.

Luckily, I was able to find a good PUG on the first go. We had multiple interrupters and a Minion Master. The party worked really well. I showed a bit of n00b-ness at the start of the Mission, dying twice. I admit I was a bit to eager to jump into the fray. A Mesmer enemy and a Monk enemy had it in for me, and before I knew it I was DOTed to death. After I was resurrected, it happened again before my Energy was high enough to use some self-heal Skills. Anyway, I was eventually rezzed again, but after some delay. They had defeated the group and had all run to the next group of enemies without rezzing me. Our Monk hesitated for a moment, calling out in team chat that she was going towards me. She was torn, but returned to bring me back to life in time to be ineffectual because the rest of them had already killed everyone. LOL. The rest of the Mission went smoothly and we finished in 14 minutes, getting all of the time Bonuses.

I thought our PUG was going to be wash because at the beginning we had about four Warriors. The Elementalist kept complaining about this, and I thought I was going to be booted from the party. I think being a Mesmer Secondary, and the fact that I announced I would be taking three interrupt Skills saved me from being kicked out. Eventually the group evened out so we had a decent spread of Professions.

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  1. 17 August 2006 at 04:58

    As much as I loved GW’s PUG setup, I think I’d still be into the game if I could actually maintain a loyal group of henchies and control/upgrade them precisely.

    It’s not that I’m wildly anti-social – but as of late my gaming doesn’t get the kind of time required to wait in line for a group to form.

  2. 17 August 2006 at 08:14

    I know how that is…

    It took over 10 minutes to get our group sorted and balanced to even start the Mission. The Elementalist kept telling one of the Monks (the leader) to boot this Profession (Warriors) or look for that Profession (Interrupt Rangers). Then people went AFK. Then someone wanted a SS Necro, but we had a MM Factions Necro instead. I think the Ele wanted to kick him out, but the MM worked out in the end anyway. :?

  3. bigwig
    17 August 2006 at 22:06

    josh – its rumoured that the next chapters henchmen will be customizable in some way. eb games had a description on their website that mentioned this, but it has since been removed.

    as for pugs, this is pretty much why i learned to form my own pug. and rely on guild members to be the main members of those groups. if you get 3 or so guildies to take up major roles, like monks or whatever, i find things run much smoother despite the rest of the party being puggers.

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