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If anyone would like to do something nice for me, please tell these kind people why I deserve to get a trip to Stockholm to learn how to be a pro gamer with the girlz 0f destruction. This clan is apparently the “highest level professional female” Quake 4 clan.

…to qualify we want you to tell us why your 18 years old or older girl/female/sister/mom/ niece/grandmother/great great grandmother should have the experience of living the pro gamer lifestyle for 1 weekend.

To ensure that she enjoys her Chromey weekend in Stockholm the lucky winner is allowed to bring along a friend (also female over the age of 18) free of charge. They’ll both stay in the Home of Chrome, have a chance to learn how to play like a pro with the girlz of destruction and have a second day shopping in downtown Stockholm.

So, by entering, not only will you be doing something nice for me, but you will also be doing something nice for one of my female friends. I would pick one of my less hardcore gaming friends, so you would also be helping to get a girl into both gaming in general and FPS gaming in particular! How about that!

A bit about me and gaming (more of an overview here):

I have been playing videogames for over 22 years. I tend to play adventure games and casual games. As most people know, the Metroid series is my favourite series of videogames. I have never been much of a PC gamer, so I would like to have a more well-rounded gaming “resume.”

I have never played Quake 4 before. Indeed, I am a complete n00b when it comes to FPS games of any kind. Half-Life? Never played it. Counterstrike? I went to a few PC centres in Asia with my cousins and watched them play. FEAR? I never finished the demo because I kept dying at the same part. The last PC FPS game that I played for long spells of time was Doom 2, and I was a total n00b. It was hard for me, so I put god mode on all the time. I am ashamed to admit that Doom 2 also had scary monsters!

I write this gaming blog because I enjoy videogames so much, and because I enjoy writing about them. In addition to writing here, I also write for The Game Chair occasionally.

I did my Master’s dissertation rsearch project on videogame culture. As far as I am aware, it was the first time a student of Social Psychology had written a thesis on videogames at my university.

I went to worked at the Game Developers Conference last March to learn more about the videogame industry and about the current issues that industry folks are interested in.

I currently play a lot of Guild Wars, but mostly PvE rather than PvP. I am part of the Conclave Order Guild Wars guild.

I also play games on the Nintendo DS, though other console gaming has stagnated because of time constraints.

So why do I want to go to Stockholm to learn how to play FPS games with a professional Quake 4 clan? Because it sounds fun. I’d totally blog about it, too. And there would be pictures.

[Enter to win (a prize for me)!]

[Via The Average Gamer, where Weefz would also like a trip to Stockholm!]

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  1. 19 August 2006 at 01:10

    Done, you’re entered. Not by reference to anything in this post, but still entered. If they contact you, and ask you questions about your ability to dance a saucy jig, just go with it.

  2. 20 August 2006 at 07:46

    Awesome! If the “saucy jig” has something to do with DDR, then I’ll manage fine, otherwise, I’ll do my best! :P

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