I Henched THK

Thunderhead Keep was easy, and I’m puzzled. I just finished it with Henchmen on my second try. I failed the Mission the first time because I (well, my idiot Henchmen) aggroed too many mobs at the same time. I always attempt a Mission a few times with Henchmen before resorting to a PUG, because a lot of the time I end up frustrated when playing with random people. I’ve been reading and hearing for ages how this Mission was supposed to be one of the hardest in the game, and how it was almost impossible to Hench THK. I had postponed doing it with my Prophecies main for months, to work on my Factions main, and so I could do THK with guildmates (also, I was really busy). I guess I shouldn’t have delayed because it turned out to be a piece of cake. I wasn’t even using some of the recommended Skills for Necromancers or Mesmers listed in GuildWiki because I expected to fail a few more times before having to consult the guide for detailed tips. I have read that Guild Wars Prophecies used to be much, much harder in the beginning, so I guess THK was one of the parts of the game that they made easier.

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  1. bigwig
    14 August 2006 at 21:07

    My own experience is a little different, my first 9 times through this mission i failed. Mostly due to lag outs, 3 of them, and badly put together teams of pug newbies. This is the one mission where i learned how to put together a pug and make it not suck.

    The main strategy that everyone uses here is the problem with the difficulty level i think. Splitting up into two groups, and guarding each gate, while firing the catapults, and making sure no one gets by to attack the king, is far too complicated for your average pug.

    That said since my first time completing the mission i hadn’t failed thk for several attempts until recently, when i tried to attempt the bonus with hench. I just couldn’t take out the mursaat monk boss, very difficult.

  2. 17 August 2006 at 00:45

    The history of Thunderhead Keep is a history of nerfing. When I tried it, it had already been nerfed once, but it was still a pain in the ass. The main difficulty at the time was that Alesia and Lina were just too stupid to heal effectively as henchies, so you needed to take at least a player monk. I WAS a player monk at the time, and the henchies were also not good enough damage dealers to cut the mustard. BUT when you took players, you almost inevitably got one guy who couldn’t follow orders and would nix the mission on the home stretch.

    I haven’t been playing regularly for ages, but I remember that just before I stopped, every second patch seemed to be nerfing the Keep (in the “making it easier sense”).

    By the way, my main Prophecies character is called Sjolvir Arkensson. Keep an eye out for me online, I usually jump in for half an hour every couple of weeks.

  3. 17 August 2006 at 08:27

    Wow, I had no idea that THK had been nerfed so many times!

    I’ll add you to my Friend List and whisper if I see you. :D

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