Another Go

I am going to attempt to play World of Warcraft again. I admit that I did not give it a fair chance in the one month (about eight hours of total gameplay) that I played it. I received World of Warcraft as a gift around the time that the fun Wintersday events in Guild Wars were going on. Guild Wars remains one of my favourite games. I really get into the special events, so I was reluctant to shift my focus away from snowball fights in the Snow Arenas and collecting Wintersday Presents to the slow-paced micromanagement of World of Warcraft.

There were other reasons that I didn’t get into it besides the fact that I play Guild Wars. Although Guild Wars and World of Warcraft are two very different games, they are both online games that require an investment of my time. When I compare the first eight hours of my gameplay time in Guild Wars with the first eight hours of play time in World of Warcraft, I have to say that my time investment in Guild Wars was more fulfilling, more productive, and more fun. World of Warcraft requires a heavier and deeper time investment than Guild Wars, which is a big strike against World of Warcraft in terms of my personal preferences. The slow pace is frustrating. I never felt like I got anywhere in that eight or so hours that I spent working on my Undead Warlock and my Undead Priest. I would rather get deeply involved in a game that provides challenges earlier rather than a game that requires you to work at numerous mundane tasks before you are challenged.

Why am I trying again? A friend of mine started playing recently. All of his friends have been playing for a while. It’s a good opportunity to revisit the game to judge whether my pro Guild Wars bias was too strong. Perhaps I missed something, and World of Warcraft is better than I thought it was, like those 6 million players say it is. Unfortunately, I have to be on a PvP Realm. I don’t like the way that PvP works in World of Warcraft and I don’t like the Alliance, but if I want to talk to people in the game, I have to be on that server and I have to be Alliance. I created a Human Warlock.

The World of Warcraft women characters aren’t as attractive, feminine, and “hot” as I would like.

Look at my Necromancer/Mesmer:

My Necromancer/Mesmer
And compare her to my Warlock:

My Human Warlock
I think we all know who wins here. Anyway, the cartoon character art style of World of Warcraft is not a dealbreaker or anything. Cartoons can be fun.

The mouse button functions in World of Warcraft are exactly opposite to the mouse button functions in Guild Wars. After exploring the key mapping options, I have so far discovered that I am unable to swap the functions of the left and right mouse buttons. If anyone has figured out how to do this, let me know, because it would make my life a lot easier. I mapped the R key to toggle Auto Run on/off, because that’s what I’m used to in Guild Wars, and I use Auto Run a lot. Other than that, everything is fine with regard to controls.

My focus will still be on Guild Wars. I will be playing World of Warcraft for one month, and my time committment will be casual. With this in mind, I don’t whether I will actually be able to get out of the newb areas before my time expires. I can only play for one month because the arrival of Guild Wars Nightfall is approaching.