My first/main Guild Wars character just celebrated her first birthday this week. When a Guild Wars character celebrates their creation anniversary, a present appears in their inventory. The present is a Miniature, commonly known as a minipet. The type of minipet one receives is random. There are some that are rarer than others. Every year, a new series is released. They are tradeable and collectible.

I got the Jade Armour mini pet (common):

Minipet - Jade Armour

The Collector’s Edition of Guild Wars: Factions also included a unique mini pet, Kuunavang:
Minipet - Kuunavang

Kuunavang proved difficult to photograph, as she kept flying around randomly. It was hard to predict her movements; this might be as good as it gets. These pictures were taken just outside of Port Sledge.

[Minipet Pricing Guide]

  3 comments for “Minipets

  1. bigwig
    14 July 2006 at 22:28

    my characters were all created after august. while most of my guildies have been around since day 1 of gw. so i’m a little jealous and irritated by them always bringing 4 or 5 minipets when we group together.

  2. 16 July 2006 at 05:03

    bigwig: I’m sure that minipet army looks quite awesome.

    Hey, thanks again for the Orbs. :D It really helped me out. I’m a sucker for those silly/useless collectibles. Hehe.

  3. 17 July 2006 at 06:57

    Makes me want to get back into the game.

    That would assume I’d have that kind of free time though :(

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