What is Wrong With Comic Book Movies?

gatmog briefly reviews a bunch of comic book movies, and ends with a critique:

What continues to astound me is how the medium has been treated in its transfer to film. While it’s nice to see them being taken seriously as money making ventures, there comes a point where the film’s ties to the original format are permanently broken by inserting too many characters, plot contrivances or intellectually stunted lessons in morality. They’re comic books. They thrive on exposing us to fantastic things that could never be realized without multi-billion dollar budgets. The stories are already there, archived for use in any screenplay. And yet somehow the visual medium of film, including the enormous leaps and bounds the world of special effects has made, cannot seem to capture the feel of these things.

Is anyone else dreading Nicholas Cage as the Ghost Rider? The trailer before X-Men: The Last Stand was visually cool, but at the end of the day, Johnny Blaze is still being played by Nicholas Cage.


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