OGHC: One Year On

Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have recently given Old Grandma Hardcore gifts a plenty:

  • From Microsoft: One more year of Xbox Live Gold
  • From Nintendo: A DS Lite and some games
  • From Sony: A PSP and a lot of games

These offerings demonstrate that companies recognise Barbara St. Hilaire as a unique and influential voice in the gaming public (at least those on the internet who read blogs). In addition to blogging about Grandma’s opinions on the games she plays, Tim has detailed Grandma’s progress from hardcore gamer to hardcore gamer/games reviewer (for MTV Overdive) on the Old Grandma Hardcore blog.

It has been interesting to follow Grandma’s adventures, particularly since she is one of us. Sure, she’s a bit older than the majority of gamers, but at the end of the day, she’s an everyday woman who loves playing videogames (a lot). Paradoxically, this is what makes her special.

Tim assures the Old Grandma Hardcore readership that despite the flow of goodies from the games companies, Grandma’s commitment to independence remains as strong as ever:

The Big Three War is being fought hard, ladies and gentleman. As usual, these gifts to Grandma come without strings attached; no promises are exchanged, it’s just… “Here ya go- you awesome hardcore granny, you!” Grandma and I are honest with you folks, you know that. No matter how well she’s treated by the gaming companies of the world, she remains resolve in her ability to provide sincere and occasionally brutal reviews of whatever it is she plays. That being said, god DAMN that was pretty fucking cool!

One year later, Old Grandma Hardcore is just as hardcore, and keeps it as real as ever.