First Look at Absolute Sandman

I’ve been keeping an eye out for news on this ever since Neil Gaiman started talking about it on his blog a while ago. I’m a huge Sandman fan and a Neil Gaiman fan. The Beat has a look at comparisions between an original page from an original Sandman comic, and the re-coloured page for the Absolute edition. The page looks stunning.

The Absolute Sandman will re-print all ten volumes of The Sandman with better paper, re-done colours, and probably some minor copyediting. The original artists and colourists are being consulted throughout the process. Volume 1 should be out later this year.

I am so excited about this! It will probably be sold at a premium price, if the price of the Absolute edition of Watchmen was any indication (Mental note: may need to get this one, too). I never got myself the hardcover editions of the Sandman trade paperbacks. I was a poor student at the time, and read way too many comics to be able to afford hardcover editions. Now that I am a less poor officer worker, I’ll be buying those hardcovers (which I assume they will offer, since it’s Absolute). Since The Sandman was probably my absolute all-time favourite comic book, the price isn’t a complete turn-off.

EDIT: lists the release date as 1st November 2006.

  3 comments for “First Look at Absolute Sandman

  1. 5 June 2006 at 16:25

    But… I already have a full set of Sandman! And they’re signed by Neil! …. and it would be hideously decadent to own TWO sets of Sandman, right? *moans and holds head*

  2. 5 June 2006 at 16:25

    As someone who went without decent meals for weeks at a time in order to collect all the hardcovers, I feel a little cheated.

    I’ll still probably buy the new ones those. Those colors look beautiful! Didn’t know about the Watchman edition either. I’ll have to go out and snag that one as well.

  3. 6 June 2006 at 20:54

    The real kicker is that when the fourth one (of four) hits (sometime in 2008) they will also sell a collector’s box so you can put them all in something nice for display. I, frankly, can’t wait!

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