I saw X-Men: The Last Stand this past weekend. I enjoyed it. There were some details I didn’t like, but the details didn’t mar my enjoyment of the movie. Ever since more and more films based upon comic books have come out, I have slowly resigned myself to the fact that they will never be true to the original source material. I still liked it, though.

Warning: Spoilers below! Spoilers in the comments, too!

Things I didn’t like:

  • Mystique losing her powers. Mystique is one of my favourite X-Men characters, and one of my favourite characters from the films. To have her lose her powers was just tragic. Then again, judging by the ending, I have hopes that this won’t be permanent.
  • Psylocke relegated to being a goth-punk amalgamation, with purple streaks in her hair. If they’re going to put cameos in, can’t they attempt to stay somehwat true to the character? It would have been better if Psylocke had not been in the movie at all, IMO.
  • Why was Callisto beautiful? In the comic books, her physical disfigurement is a key part of her character and her personality. This is why Callisto’s name is so great. Ugh! The difference between the Callisto of the comic book and the Callisto of the movie is massive.
  • No Nightcrawler. Why?
  • Pet peeve from the original movie: Why is Wolverine tall? Wolverine is supposed to be (approximately) 5 feet, 3 inches tall, not 6 feet, two inches tall. Hugh Jackman is a good Wolverine acting-wise, and I agree with their decision to choose him for his acting ability rather than his height. However, they could have done what those people did in the Lord of the Rings films: use camera tricks and stuff to make it seem like he is shorter.
  • Not enough Cyclops. He’s not my favourite X-Man, but the guy is one of the original four members of the team. Kind of sad that he didn’t get much screen time before his death.
  • The movie version of Dark Phoenix saga was a toothless, decrepit shadow of what it was in the books. It was less epic than the business with the cure, and that was wrong.

Things I liked:

  • Kelsey Grammer as Beast — When I heard that Grammer was going to play Beast, I was so excited. I love Beast, and Grammer definitely played him very well. “Oh my stars and garters!” Classic.
  • Ian McKellan as Magneto — Before the first film, I was a little sceptical about Ian McKellan playing Magneto, because he doesn’t have the physical presence that the comic book Magneto has. However, then I realised that his physical presence is far less important his charisma as a leader, which he has in spades — just like Professor X.
  • Callisto and Storm duking it out on multiple occasions. In the comic books, Storm wins a duel against Callisto for the leadership of the Morlocks, a group of mutants living underneath New York City. It’s nice that the movie makers gave a nod to their comic book rivalry.
  • Rogue takes the cure. This is probably disappointing to Rogue fans, but I support this plot element. It makes sense.
  • A larger role for Shadowcat.

Prior to the release of the film, I read about the Dark Phoenix Saga, the Phoenix Force, and Jean Grey on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is great.

I was sad about the deaths, but they did leave it open in the end. Apparently this is the end of the trilogy, but I do hope they make more X-Men films. Supposedly a Wolverine film and a Magneto film are in the works.

I found this kind of funny: How to ruin a movie based upon a comic book via The Great Curve.

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