Shiny Happy Factions

Kieron Gillen’s review of Guild Wars: Factions for Eurogamer is up. I agree with all the points he made, particularly about the rapid level advancement. My Warrior/Mesmer has only completed one Mission, and she’s already at level 15. I have been taking my time, though.

I did the Minister Cho’s Estate Mission twice so that I could get Master’s and Expert’s Objectives in addition to the Standard Objective completed. There are no more Bonus Missions as in Prophecies, rather the “bonus” comes after completing the Mission’s Expert’s and Master’s Objectives — and to do that you need to complete the Mission within a time limit. The first time. I completed the Mission with Henchmen. I went slowly because I like getting to know an area fairly well. The second time, I grouped with a PUG and we finished the Mission very quickly. Good game, people.

The Captured Son Quest is hard. You have to kill like a million Crimson Skull bandits only to find out that the guy who you’re supposed to save hasn’t actually been captured by that gang. I saw him on the pier, without that bright green exclamation point above his head. I checked my quest log to make sure I’d got his name right. Yup. Clicked on him a few times. Nothing. Looked at the teeming multitudes of red dots swarming on my compass, with the green objective marker pulsing brightly right in the middle of the red dots. I was like, “Oh my God, you’ve got to be kidding!”

Roomiepbt (Rt/Mo) and I kept hacking away at those Crimson Skulls, dying and over and over. It was just the two of us and Henchmen. Our Death Penalty was at max, but damned if we weren’t going to finish the job. We managed to do it, though, and that was great.

Actually, I want to try that one again… It was fun, even though we kept dying. Hard Quests give you a great sense of accomplishment after you’ve finished.

Oooh. That’s it. I hereby declare this post my first happy anecdote for Kill Ten Rats’ Shiny Happy Week:

Our procedure is pretty simple: for the next week, at the end of every day you play or maybe every gaming session, write down something that made you happy or for which you are grateful. Did you see something you liked? Did a pull go really well? Did something good drop for you or a friend? Did you level? Did a guildmate’s cancer go into remission? Trivial and important are both fine.

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