Nintendo 2006 Pre-E3 Press Conference

Nintendo re-iterated their commitment to new markets, innovation, and risk-taking. They have to push the play experience because the Wii will not be able to compete only on the basis of graphics. Hence the mantra: “Playing is believing.”

Like Sony’s press conference, the Nintendo conference was filled with loads of marketing hype, but there were a few interesting new facets to the Wii. I again applaud Nintendo for taking risks, but we’ll see how these risks play out in the market. As wonderful and great as the Wii controller appears to be, Nintendo dissapointingly did not deliver much news on third party software that will use the new controller.


  • WiiConnect24 — A console that adds game content when it’s turned off. Very intriguing. Animal Crossing was brought up. As if I am not already addicted to the portable version, they will now have one that can wirelessly connect to other players, even when you sleep.


  • Wii-mote has a microphone. ZOMG, it would be awesome if you had Nintendogs for the Wii. You could walk the dog and play with it using the motion-sensing controller, and you could talk to it as well! Also, Nintendo needs a Karaoke Revolution, better than the one released for the GameCube, at least. Aside: I wish SingStar was available in the US, the song listings are so much better than Karaoke Revolution.



  • Wii-mote has a speaker. They only demo-ed the use of the bow and arrow in Twilight Princess. Draw the bowstring back and you can hear it in the controller, release the arrow, and hear it thunk into the TV screen. Is this anything more than a gimmick? I want to see how this will work with other games.



  • Both parts of the Wii-mote nunchaku have motion sensors. Again, I would like to see some games that use this function.



  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption — I can’t wait to see videos of this being played. How exciting!


  • No launch date, no confirmed price point. Come on, Nintendo!


  • Where are the rest of the third party games?



  • More Mario games. *yawn* Sorry, I’m not much a fan of Mario games.



  • It seems a little tiring to play games on the Wii. Will there be less motion-intensive games? Also, I might have to clear some space to play.


Live Coverage:


  • Eurogamer had automagically updated live coverage of the Nintendo pre-E3 press event. No reloading the page — brilliant. Commentary was all right, though not as good as Joystiq.


  • Kotaku had live commentary from two of their bloggers. Not very detailed and some failed attempts at humour. Are they the only two people in the world who haven’t gotten over the fact that the console is called “Wii”?

  7 comments for “Nintendo 2006 Pre-E3 Press Conference

  1. 9 May 2006 at 12:44

    Singstar featured prominently (maybe a little too prominently) in Sony’s media conference for the PS3.

  2. 9 May 2006 at 12:48

    Nice! That’ll be another game I’d like to play on the PS3, then. Maybe they’ll also release songs that were previously found in the European versions?

  3. 9 May 2006 at 13:06

    You can read more about it here.

    They will have an online purchasing system (almost looks like an online mp3 store) for songs. You will also be able to upload and share performances (the horror!).

  4. 9 May 2006 at 13:45

    Thanks, Jeff. :) I missed the live coverage of Sony’s press conference last night because I was working on a drawing. :P It also slipped my mind.

  5. 9 May 2006 at 15:43

    Regarding the analog nunchuk, the Red Steel demo did utilize both motion sensors for the sword fight sequence. The Ubisoft guy showed how positioning the left controller controlled blocking with his short blade, while making strikes and slashes with the right-hand Wiimote controlled katana.

    Also, the Wiimote’s speaker also played the familiar Zelda chime (like when you open a secret door). It is kind of gimmicky, but I think it’s a cool feature, especially when playing with friends and you have to share a single sound source. Especially on games like Metroid Prime 3, where sound can be a important part of multiplayer battles.

    Overall, I think the Nintendo event was hands-down the best presented of the three. Miyamoto’s entrance was awesome.

  6. 10 May 2006 at 00:38

    Right. Just watched a Wii software video. Really really really want to play Metroid Prime with that controller! I never got the hang of FPSs with the mouse and keyboard. The Wii-mote controller seems like such a natural fit for FPSs! Red Steel looks really neat.

    Still want to see more third party games for the Wii. Also games from other established franchises.

  7. 10 May 2006 at 05:03

    I forwarded you an email I received overnight from Playstation Underground regarding a SingStar survey. I thought you would enjoy the opportunity to offer some opinions on the matter.

    As for the third party support for the Wii, I would love to see more games as well. However, they announced that 27 titles for the Wii would be playable on the showroom floor! They have done a great job keeping things under wraps so far, and I was very pleasantly surprised that so many titles were already in a playable state.

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