Microsoft 2006 Pre-E3 Press Conference

I never had plans to get an Xbox 360. Fable 2 is something I would be interested in, especially if they have the option to choose your gender, but I wouldn’t get a console for one game. Fable and Jade Empire, which were once exclusive games for the Xbox, are both available for the PC or soon will be in the case of Jade Empire. Those were the two games I was interested in for the Xbox.*

The most exciting thing (for me) about the Microsoft press conference was the unveiling of “Live Anywhere” — a service that expands upon Xbox Live. It allows gamers to connect to each other across platforms. So if you’re playing an Xbox 360 game, and your friend has the PC version, you will be able to play together and chat. Live Anywhere also works with mobile games, but this isn’t interesting to me, since I already have a Nintendo DS.

Live Anywhere will be a part of MSN Messenger. I assume this means that your Gamer Tag will integrate with your MSN Messenger address. MSN Messenger is my instant messenger service of choice. It was the first instant messenger service I started using. A sizeable contingent of my friends only use MSN Messenger. I find MSN Messenger more attractive than either AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, or ICQ. I access the latter three through Trillian.

Anyway, what I am hoping for is that a lot of the so-called Xbox 360 exclusives will be released for the PC, eventually. Not really sure how HD will work with that, though. I think there will be problems on that end…

Eurogamer and Joystiq had live coverage.

* Though now that both are available on the PC, I won’t buy them since I’m still consumed with Guild Wars.