Just in Time for the World Cup

It’s Sexy Soccer! That’s right. Do you like football/soccer? Do you like girls? Now you can have both in the same (mobile) game!

From the press release (emphasis added):

Sexy Soccer offers three mini-games based upon spot kick, dribbling and keepy up skills. Players achieving a high score in each mini game see their female football trainer remove an item of clothing, providing an instant incentive to replay the game to earn an even higher score.

“The launch of Sexy Soccer coincides with the FIFA World Cup 2006 Tournament and provides a saucy and enjoyable alternative to the many serious football games available on mobiles,” said Alan Welsman, Vice President of Marketing Infospace Inc. Europe. “Girls and gaming are two of the most established revenue generators within the mobile entertainment sector. By combining the two within a simple, accessible, fast and fun title, we’ve created a fresh approach to the football games genre for mobile.”

The model they have pictured via the link is really, really unappealing. If they’re going to sell a game based upon her looks, I wonder. If you look closely, you will see that she has harpy claws instead of human hands.

[Sex & Games via Girl Gamers LJ Community]

  8 comments for “Just in Time for the World Cup

  1. 31 May 2006 at 06:36

    Paris Hilton says, “Harpies are hot.” You know Paris, I couldn’t agree more. Harpies are hot!

  2. 31 May 2006 at 14:00

    I am not so much for the football. And Belle would kill me if I bought something just for the girls. So I would like to get this, but without the Sexy, or the Soccer.

    Perhaps a game where I could sit around in an awkward silence with a bunch of soccer fans.

  3. 31 May 2006 at 14:06

    I’ve played that game!

  4. 31 May 2006 at 14:10

    Oh, you’ve been to happy hour where I work?

  5. 31 May 2006 at 16:17

    LOL. An ex- and a friend tried to get me into rugby and football, respectively. Dull dull dull. Though I do like the international competition aspect. It’s great listening to the rivalries come out.

  6. 1 June 2006 at 07:56

    Strip Soccer? Running out of ideas, huh?

  7. skanderberg
    1 June 2006 at 08:36

    Dull dull dull…well thats just ignorance.

  8. 1 June 2006 at 09:06

    Don’t you mean “bad” taste? I have sat down and taken the time to watch these matches, but I haven’t been able to get into those sports. They aren’t compelling or interesting to me.

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