“Dual Shake” Not as Good at Motion Sensing as Wii-mote

Apparently, the ill-informed gamers on the interweb have united to declare that the PS3 controller can do everything that the Wii controller can do. Xantar over at The Gaming Hobo sets the record straight on the difference between the Wii controller and the PS3 controller:

So to recap, the PS3 controller can’t simulate a knife cut in a kitchen. It can’t even do something as simple as picking up an object and then dropping it somewhere else. You might be able to do a punch with it, but the controller can’t tell precisely where you’ve punched. The Wii controller can basically simulate anything you are able to do with one hand including wielding weapons, grabbing and twisting doorknobs, picking up objects, pushing buttons, pulling a level, petting a dog and probably even writing on a chalkboard. The PS3 controller can do none of these things. The functionality of the two is barely even worth comparing.

The fact that the gaming media has utterly failed to explain this difference to the videogame audience is unsurprising but shameful.


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  1. 11 May 2006 at 05:52

    Just based on its design I don’t see how it could be the same thing. The only thing that keeps my outrage at the gaming media low is that this is pretty much par for the course from them. They are some of the most spineless journalists in the business and will happily regurgitate hype without bothering to report actual facts.

    Not that I want them writing endless opinion pieces, but at least get the facts instead of just recycling Sony’s press releases.

  2. Id
    11 May 2006 at 07:27

    Even as a tacked on feature, this broadens the horizons for Sony’s machine, still not quite worth $500 though.

    I recall the words, “tilt sensor” being used in the Sony press release. To me it was a very easy concept to grasp, it was not at all similar to the Wiimote. I was foolishly confident that no distinction would need to be made. I don’t know why I underestimate stupidity, it is one of the most powerful forces in the cosmos.

  3. 11 May 2006 at 08:27

    I was actually a little amazed at how fanboy a lot of the blog reporting got this year. Instantly there was trashing about how Sony “stole” the motion sensing from Nintendo (or Microsoft or Logitech or whatever) … but not a lot of talk about how it’s different from the Wii. I had to go and doublecheck myself.

    So instead of firsthand details, we get TONS of bitching about the price. Hey, I can do that myself. I don’t need to go to E3 for that.

    Low point for me was when one blog ran with Microsoft’s reaction to the Sony conference as if it was suprising and relevant. OMG, Microsoft thinks the PlayStation is overpriced and that the controller is dumb! They must be doomed.

    I think the Sony controller having tilt sensing is a good thing. The need to constantly have every feature on every console do battel with every other feature is the kind of forum flameware mentality that got me out of forums.

  4. 12 May 2006 at 08:09

    You make a good point about reporting MS’s reaction to Sony. It is, like you say, completely irrelevent. As for the tilt functions there is nothing bad about them. It is better than having nothing but it feels like Sony would have had rumble if they could have it.

  5. 13 May 2006 at 08:21

    Just returned from E3, haven’t read any of the press yet, but from what I heard at the show, the tilt sensor was just added. Spoke to a PS3 developer who says they learned about it last week. It may not be the same as the Wii controller, but it is totally a response to try to mitigate the novelty and steal some of their thunder.

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