Wait Your Turn

I’m glad I don’t have to deal with this and this and this on a regular basis in Guild Wars.

When I experienced my first login queue in WOW, it was a shock. “What do you mean I’m 47th in line to play? I have to wait 10 minutes? Is this what I’m paying for?” A far cry from the instantaneous logins of Guild Wars. Usually the only time that there is a delay when logging into Guild Wars is when the client is downloading new content. For example, I logged in this morning because one of my guildmates told me that there was an update. It took me about 2 minutes to download it before my character appeared at the outpost.

I imagine that there will be more downloads tonight, in the lead up to the pre-release headstart event tomorrow and the full release on Friday. However, as I understand it, we’ve already got most of the Guild Wars: Factions content in our computers. It’s been streaming to us in little bits for about a month, so we just need the retail CD key to unlock it.

WOW is compelling enough for those 6 million players to wait in queues. Sometimes I think I am missing something that those 6 million people aren’t, but I don’t have time to quest in Azeroth when I’m having loads of fun in Tyria, and after the release of Guild Wars: Factions on Friday, in Cantha as well.

EDIT: The BBC has picked up on WOW‘s server woes.

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  1. 26 April 2006 at 09:12

    Yeah, I cancelled the hell out of my WoW account last week because of this kind of crap. I like the IT guy quoted in the ZDNet article. If I were a sysadmin and my servers had to be taken down at intermittent periods for 8 hour blocks, I’d be fired.

  2. 26 April 2006 at 11:20

    My wife tried out WoW not too long ago, looking for something for us to play together. Needless to say we will be switching over to Guild Wars shortly.

  3. bigwig
    26 April 2006 at 20:37

    i often feel the same way. what is so great about wow that people are willing to put up with wait times and server lag and whatnot, all for the low low price of something like $180 including software.

    On the other hand, guild wars is great for about 1000 hours, its convenient, good price value, you can be either a hardcore player or extremely casual and still enjoy yourself, but i don’t think it has depth.

    that said, i’m buying factions, and not signing up for wow.

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